What are the Benefits of Galvanization For A Car?

Certain chemical phenomena need to be applied to maintain a car. One such extremely important method is called galvanization.

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Published on February 8, 2022

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  • The credit for the invention of galvanization goes to Stanislas Sores.
  • Galvanized steel can live up to almost 170 years! Free from corrosion
  • Galvanized steel is waterproof and prevents water damage well.

Like any other metal in the universe, cars are susceptible to corrosion or rusting. Corrosion refers to the metal surface's oxidizing process that leads to its deterioration and eventual disintegration. It is extremely important to prevent car parts from getting damaged due to corrosion. One of the best ways to prevent corrosion is by galvanization. Let us look at what galvanization is and find out the advantages of galvanizing the car.


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What is galvanization?

Galvanization is the process of putting an additional layer of zinc over a steel or iron surface to prevent it from corrosion.

The process of hot dipping is the most common galvanizing method. The steel surface is dipped in molten zinc, leading to the zinc getting coated over the surface.


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Advantages of galvanized steel body

One of the main focuses of car manufacturers is to prevent the outer steel body from getting corroded. The advantages of having a galvanized steel body include: -

  • Preventing corrosion. This is pretty obvious – using galvanized steel increases the body's lifespan and prevents it from getting corroded over time.
  • Providing structural integrity to the body due to minimal corrosion attacks. Gives a sense of safety to the owner.
  • Increasing the resale value of the car for future purposes.
  • Reducing the maintenance cost for the car body due to a decrease in chances of the body getting corroded. It also gives good warranty value to the customer.
  • Reducing the extra cost of anti-corrosion treatments after the sale of the car.

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Advantages of galvanizing brake pads

One of the main car components that use galvanization is the brake pad. There are several advantages of galvanizing the brake pads.

  • Let's get the most obvious one out of the way – galvanized brake pads are more resistant to corrosion.
  • Galvanizing increases the lifespan of the brake pads. Since the brake pads don't get damaged, they work for longer periods.
  • Galvanizing reduces the noises that brake pads make. They also ensure that the brake pads are more efficient in their work.
  • Protection from the friction is a major advantage of galvanization. The zinc coating ensures that the brake pads wear out evenly, reducing friction wear significantly, especially in harsh weather conditions.
  • Galvanized brake pads are environmentally friendly. Since the brake pads can be recycled, they do not lead to pollution.
  • Low maintenance cost is a huge relief for car owners. Galvanization ensures that the pads don't crack or wear out more often. That means the owner saves a lot of money on repair and replacement.
  • The galvanized steel used is measured up to international standards. That ensures that the pads are extremely durable (against factors like harsh driving or bad weather conditions). The pads are also reliable!

Galvanization is a truly fantastic process that enhances the utility of different products and ensures the longevity of the galvanized parts.

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