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  • My Pick in the segment

    Unknown user
    I bought this car when it just launched last year. I am extremely happy about my purchase. It is the first in segment to have ESC, has a very simple and functional interior and offers me a good milage. On average I got 15km/l and sometimes even milage of upto 22km/l. It is very comfortable for a daily driver and ride quality is definitely best in the segment. If you love to drive then rhe Nissan Kicks should be ur pick too. I can't be happier about my purchase
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  • XL Diesel BS IV (Diesel)

    One of the best SUV for Indian roads.

    Manoj Karnatak
    Best SUV for Indian Roads. Good ground clearance 210mm. Much spacious. Comfort best in class. And best suspension.
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  • XV Petrol BS IV (Petrol)

    Not proper sort out my car problem and lots of time cstation

    Dashrath Devu
    I suggest not purchase kicks car I have purchase kicks car but not proper working and not proper solution from service station Also they provide wrong information from Ahmedabad Nissan service station Tyre , Audio tap and gear problem still not proper solution from Nissan side. I face these problem since I purchased car. My car no = GJ27CM6411
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  • Loaded with Tons of features at each price point

    stylish and modern SUV from NIssan, with lots of features at each trim
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  • Good car goid valu. Comfortabike

    Alex Bovas Bovas
    Nissan kicks base model goid car
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  • Nissan kicks and it's problems

    Anubhav R Mulchandani
    Bought a Nissan Kicks Petrol XL on 25th April 2019 and since then my car has visited the service center at least 7 times. And this time for a very grave issue wherein very very hot air is coming from AC vents and the temperature inside cabin is soaring to > 44 degrees Celcius / 108 Degrees Fahrenheit and am sure that I have experienced hotter than this. Following are the findings: Route: Office to Home Distance: 6 KM AC status: Off Re-circulation mode: Off Temperature: > 44 degrees Celcius/108 degrees Fahrenheit Windows Status: Rolled down The Nissan technical team is diagnosing this behavior but till date, they and service center have considered this as normal which I beg to differ because my current car, a 13-year-old Santro or an 8-year-old Honda City does not exhibit this abnormal behavior. So, folks who are considering Kicks, please think twice before buying. There are better alternatives available. Updates: Received an email on 29th August from Nissan customer care; their technical team has not found any abnormality in the car and have requested to accept the delivery of my car, which I refused. Car dashboard vents throwing hot air > 44 degrees is considered as normal according to them so I have requested them to enlighten me with what will be abnormal according to them? 50, 55 degrees Celcius when I will be toasted inside?
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