Hyundai Creta Facelift Vs Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, Honda Elevate and Volkswagen Taigun: The Big Compact SUV Comparison

After its recent facelift, is the bestseller Hyundai Creta the best deal in the lucrative compact SUV space? Or some other options are more worthy of your money? We bring you the answer.

By Shams Raza Naqvi


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Published on April 14, 2024

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  • The Hyundai Creta is the highest-selling SUV in the Compact SUV space
  • Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara gets both strong and mild hybrid options
  • Elevate gets ADAS functions, while Taigun has two turbo Petrol engines

The Hyundai Creta has been one of India’s most loved cars. It keeps getting better with every passing iteration, the latest one being the facelift of the second generation that was launched in January this year. Ever since its launch the SUV has set the sales charts on fire and has already crossed the big 1 lakh bookings mark. But is the Creta a done deal in this crowded compact SUV segment? Well, not really because as are many rivals breathing down its neck. 


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The feature loaded Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is one with its multiple drivetrain options, then, there is Volkswagen Taigun which is known as a drivers’ car and also for its strong build quality. Finally, we have the recently launched Honda Elevate was the entry of the Japanese car brand into this lucrative segment. We got all four cars together to try and tell you which one of these suits you the most. Some other popular SUVs in the segment like the Kia Seltos, Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder and the Skoda Kushaq are represented here too via their cousins.



Grand Vitara Image 4

Grand Vitara scores well when it comes to dimensions in the segment.


In terms of dimensions, it is the Grand Vitara which is the longest and the widest and It shows. Even to the naked eye, it does look like the biggest of them all. The Elevate though is the tallest and importantly the Taigun has the longest wheelbase. 


GRAND VITARA4,3451,7951,6452,600
TAIGUN 4,2211,7601,6122,651


Taigun Image 2

Taigun sees the maximum use of chrome on the face.


While generous use of chrome is a unifying factor on the face of all the cars, the grilles of the Creta and Taigun look more appealing while the shape of the DRLs is better on the Hyundai and Maruti Suzuki. The Elevate has the most likeable stance when viewed from the front while it only the Taigun that gets fog lamps. All SUVs come with 17-inch alloys on the top trims but it is only the Grand Vitara which offers the same size even on the base variant. 


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Elevate Image 3

Elevate has highest ground clearance among all SUVs.


All get essential SUV cues like roof rails, body cladding and high ground clearance that ranges from 190 to 220 mm with Elevate bagging the highest number. All also get connecting lamps but it is the VW design that comes across as ageless and that curcuma yellow colour is hard to beat. 


Tech & Interior

Creta Image 7

The Creta facelift is loaded with features more than ever before.


The cabin of the facelifted Hyundai Creta just spoils you with the sheer number of features it comes with. This includes dual-zone climate control, an electric driver seat and an electric parking brake. None of these features are seen in any other car present today in this comparison. Along with that you also get ventilated seats for both the front passengers, a wireless charger and a nice big unit with twin screens which has the cluster and the touchscreen system. 


Creta Image 13

Creta comes with a voice-enabled panoramic sunroof.


The SUV’s tech quotient is high with many connected car features as well as voice commands which also includes a voice-enabled sunroof. Overall this cabin speaks of luxury and premiumness including the seats which are comfortable and big. As an occupant, there’s hardly anything to complain about inside the cabin of the new Creta. 


Elevate Image 6

The colour theme inside the Elevate adds to the premium quotient.


On the other hand the Honda Elevate too gets its fair share of features though the number is not as high as the Creta. The 10-inch touchscreen is compatible with Wireless Android Auto & Apple CarPlay while you also get a wireless charger and air purifier. Ventilated seats though are available only as an accessory. The sound system lacks the finesse of the 8-speaker Bose system seen on the Creta. 


Grand Vitara Image 6

Grand Vitara provides a good experience especially on the first row.


From one Japanese to the other, a feature-rich cabin also welcomes you inside the Grand Vitara. There’s a head-up display, front ventilated seats, a panoramic sunroof and a wireless charger. The touchscreen system is something you’re familiar with, having seen it on a lot of cars from the brand. It’s good to use, provides clarity and comes with a 360-view camera which is nice. Overall this SUV provides a good experience especially, on the first row.


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Taigun Image 6

Fit & finish is excellent in the Taigun cabin.


Talking about the Taigun, purely in terms of design and texture on seats this cabin impresses a lot. The touchscreen is crisp and clear and is a joy to use.  Here too you get wireless connectivity along with ventilated front seats and a wireless charger. The VW sound system is a surprise here and impresses with its quality. Fit & finish is excellent and somewhat compensates for the lack of features in the first row. 

Second row 


Taigun Image 10

Taigun gets an adjustable headrest even for the middle passenger. 


Taigun has the least width when compared to all the other cars but what impresses on the second row is the seat. Its texture, size and even the kind of comfort it gives along with a lot of leg space on offer makes it a comfortable experience at least for two occupants. You also get an adjustable headrest even for the middle passenger along with two type-C charging ports apart from 2 ports in the front row which adds to practicality. What’s missing in the Taigun though is a panoramic sunroof. 


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Creta Image 11

Creta second row promises a comfortable experience.


On the Grand Vitara you get both A and C type charging on the back row and there’s ample space to seat 3 adults in good comfort. The back row of the Creta gets two type C ports and is the only car to get rear sun blinds which adds to the premium quotient. 


Elevate Image 13

Elevate can seat 3 passengers in back row with ease. 


The Honda Elevate gets good space on the second row so even somebody who is 6 feet tall is quite comfortable sitting here. The under-thigh support is good too and augurs well for all occupants inside the car. The seat is quite comfortable and the finish is nice which makes it look quite luxurious looking at the segment we’re operating in. Again a big panoramic sunroof is missing here and so is a C-type charging port. 


Before we get to the drives here’s a look at the boot space figures for all SUVs

 Boot Space (Litres)
VW Taigun385
Hyundai Creta433
Honda Elevate458
Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara265-373




Elevate Image 16

1.5 Petrol with CVT is a proven combination on Elevate.


Three of the four SUVs that we have today come with a combination of a naturally aspirated engine along with CVT gearbox while the Taigun only gets turbo Petrol engines. We start with the Elevate. The good thing about the SUV is that it gives you the perfect SUV stance you’re looking for probably more than all the other cars we have today in this comparison. So you get a clear view of the bonnet as well as a wide, nice, unobstructed glance of the road with thin pillars which helps in increasing your confidence as a driver.  


Elevate Image 18

Compared to the Creta, there’s more power and higher torque on Elevate.



The 1,498-cc engine here makes a decent 120 bhp @ 6,600 rpm and churns out 145 Nm @ 4,300 rpm. Transmission options are a 6-speed Manual or a CVT. Don’t expect this car to be a performance enthusiast’s chosen set of wheels but Honda’s CVTs have proven to be extremely reliable and frugal in the past. So even on the Elevate, the brand is claiming a higher figure on the CVT (16.9 kmpl Vs 15.3 kmpl on manual) which is great. So you’re getting the best of both worlds - convenience as well as good fuel efficiency. Compared to the Creta CVT there’s more power and higher torque which suffices for the most needs, more so for city commutes. 

Elevate Image 10

Elevate CVT ensures a better fuel efficiency than manual. 


The Elevate also excels in taking on varied road conditions. Its suspension is tuned perfectly to take on rough roads, bumps and potholes and the occupants are pretty much insulated from them. Handling character is also fairly acceptable though some body roll can be felt while doing quick lane changes. A longish wheelbase though certainly helps here. 


Grand Vitara Image 14

Claimed fuel efficiency on is almost is almost 28 kmpl. 


Even before you start driving it, the Grand Vitara just impresses you with the sheer number of drivetrain options it comes with. Apart from strong and mild hybrid versions where you get manual and automatic, options of CNG and AWD are also available. So there’s one for everyone, well almost if you discount diesels. The strong hybrid version we drove runs on a 1,490 cc Petrol engine that makes 114 bhp @ 5,500 rpm and a peak torque of 122 Nm @ 4,400 – 4,800 rpm. It only comes with a CVT and begins in the EV mode while the engine comes to life later which helps in better fuel efficiency. The claimed figure is almost 28 kmpl and even on mild hybrid the company is claiming around 21 kmpl which is impressive. 


Grand Vitara Image 15

Grand Vitara provides a comfortable drive experience on both rows. 


Power is decent on the SUV but what tilts the matter in its favour is that because it starts in EV mode a lot of peak torque is available right from the word go, which helps in giving a slightly more enthusiastic drive. The steering though can have a bit more bite and I expected slightly better feedback from this setup. This is an SUV that provides a comfortable drive experience as well. Suspension tuning is right on the money so bad roads or good roads it is ready to tackle all of them. The entire family is guaranteed a comfortable drive experience here and you can go on for long hours without getting tired.  The list of safety features is long too and includes 360-view camera, TPMS and hill hold assist. However, it is the only one today that doesn’t get 6 airbags as standard. ADAS features too are missing. 


Creta Image 16

Creta is the only SUV in this comparison with a Diesel engine option.


Earlier on we spoke about how the Creta gets a lot of features that none of the other cars today in this comparison get and when you’re driving it you again see a lot of exclusive attributes that this SUV comes with. I’m talking about the drivetrain options here, so you get two petrol engine options and you also get the Diesel which makes it the only diesel in this lineup today.  The 1,497 cc naturally aspirated motor we’re driving today makes 114 bhp @ 6,300 Nm along with 143.8 Nm @ 4,500 rpm. 

For transmission, there’s either a 6-speed manual or CVT.


Creta Image 18

Sport mode and paddle shifts enhance the drive experience on Creta CVT.


Fuel efficiency on the CVT is decent too (17.7 kmpl) although it is not very responsive and if you love to drive a lot you may not like this setup. But just like the Elevate this one also comes with a Sport mode and paddle shifts so you can take things in your control a little bit more and make your drive experience slightly better. Unlike the Grand Vitara what you don’t get here in an AWD option but there are traction modes which provide better grip in demanding situations. Plus you also get Eco, Normal and Sport drive modes that alter between a slightly better fuel economy or a better performance.


Creta Image 15

Traction modes are a boon on the Hyundai Creta.


What I liked on the Creta are its dynamics, the steering wheel is nice to hold and provides good feedback which you like when driving the car. There’s also a fantastic mix of ride & handling, the balance is just perfect as you get a comfortable drive and even when you throw it around corners at decent speeds the confidence stays intact. While the Creta Turbo and now the Creta N Line are more enjoyable trims to drive they also come at a cost. The CVT is more affordable and provides a good balance between all attributes. 


Creta Image 17

Level 2 ADAS functions make Creta a safe bet.


Lot of safety features are also present on the Creta and many of them are standard which is a good thing. Now with the facelift, you also get many level 2 ADAS functions which have enhanced the appeal of this SUV. The Elevate too gets its share of ADAS features though not as many as the ones seen on the Creta but they’re useful both in the city as well as on the highway. Now with a recent update, you also get 6 airbags as standard across the range which is a good step.


Taigun Image 16

Engine and gearbox are always eager to perform in the Taigun


The Volkswagen Taigun remains the car to beat in the segment when it comes to drivability especially with its 1.5 L turbo Petrol engine that I got to drive. It comes with a 7-speed dual clutch transmission which just takes your drive experience to a whole new level. The 1,498-cc engine makes 148 bhp @ 5,000-6,000 rpm along with a peak torque of 250 Nm @ 1,600-3,500 rpm. Apart from DSG there’s also a 6-speed manual to choose from. The engine and gearbox are always eager to perform and the gearshifts happen just at the right time, just when you want them as a driving enthusiast. 


Taigun Image 19

Handling of the Taigun is the best among all SUVs in the segment.


Yes, the Creta has now come close with its new 1.5 Turbo Petrol engine that we’ve seen on the Seltos as well and even though that gets slightly better figures in terms of power and torque, the feel is bit sportier on the German. Handling too is spot on, that is one thing you will just not complain about in this SUV. It is probably the best amongst all the cars we’ve driven today. Ride quality is a bit on the stiffer side which is expected from a car of this sort and if you want this entire experience at a slightly lesser cost there’s always the 1.0 L turbo petrol variant to go for. 


Taigun Image 15

1.5 turbo with DCT ensures the desired performance.


Safety of course is key in any car from Volkswagen and even though this one still does not get ADAS features, but there are many standard safety features and this is the only one amongst all the four cars today that has a 5-star crash test rating from Global NCAP which is one of its highlights.




Now to the prices and this is a bit tricky. While it is the Creta that starts at the lowest base price as you go higher, the top trims of the Elevate and Grand Vitara seem more value for money. The Taigun turbo tops off at a higher point than Creta turbo which works against the German offering. 

1.5 MTRs. 11 – 17.42 lakhRs. 11.91 – 15.41 lakhRs. 10.80 – 17.01 lakh 
1.5 AT/CVTRs. 15.86 -18.88 lakhRs. 13.71 – 16.43 lakhRs. 13.60 - 16.91 lakh 
1.5 TURBORs. 18.73-18.88 lakhNANA

Rs. 16.77- 19.99


1.0 TURBONANANARs. 11.69 – 18.07 lakh
1.5 DIESELRs. 12.55 – 20.14 lakhNANANA
1.5 HYBRIDNANARs. 18.43-19.93 lakhNA
CNGNANA Rs. 13.15-14.96 lakhNA




The beauty of the compact SUV segment is that even though all these cars compete with each other yet they offer something unique that no other car in the segment does. The Grand Vitara is a great package and the sheer number of options it comes with – Strong hybrid, mild hybrid, CNG, AWD makes it a practical option. The Honda Elevate has all the features that you actually need and of course that reliable combination of a Petrol and a CVT gearbox always works. The Volkswagen Taigun even now remains the car to beat in the segment when it comes to dynamics and if you love to drive this is the car for you. 


Creta Image 6

Hyundai ticks the most number of boxes in the segment. 


Finally, it is the latest entrant into this compact SUV space, the Creta. With its sheer number of tech and features, multiple engine and gearbox options and impressive dynamics it comes across as an all-rounder even though it feels a bit overpriced. Despite that between all these cars we still feel it is the Korean that ticks the maximum number of boxes especially with its recent update.

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