Maruti Suzuki Brezza vs Hyundai Venue vs Kia Sonet Comparison Review

The Maruti Suzuki Brezza, Hyundai Venue, and Kia Sonet each have their own distinct selling points, but which is our top pick in the competitive subcompact SUV segment? We discover the truth.

By Pratik Rakshit


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Published on November 13, 2022

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    The subcompact SUV space has been abuzz in 2022 with the most popular models getting updated to keep up with the influx of new competitors. Maruti Suzuki Brezza received a refresh with new premium features and an updated powertrain. The Hyundai Venue has been given a facelift with minor feature updates too, while the Kia Sonet remained the only constant in the segment with a minor update with respect to the new logo. We would’ve loved the Nexon as well in this shootout, but unfortunately, Tata Motors did not have a unit to provide. Anyhow, while all three have their own unique propositions, which one should make it our top recommendation in the hotly contested subcompact SUV segment? We find out. 

    Group Tracking Shot 4 2022 11 10 T07 46 08 979 Z


    The Maruti Suzuki Brezza has entered its second generation, with not only visual improvements but also a new heart. It is the first Maruti car to include a sunroof, a feature the Koreans have had since the beginning. A tad late to the game but a great touch, nevertheless. With a redesigned grille, the subcompact SUV maintains its striking exterior appearance with a new pair of LED headlights, and a redesigned lower section giving the Brezza a rugged appearance. The silhouette is mostly unchanged with a reprofiled rear. 

    Maruti Suzuki Brezza exterior 2022 11 10 T07 51 37 713 Z

    The updated Brezza received tons of cosmetic tweaks to its front and rear along with a new design for the alloys, giving the SUV a new personality altogether. 

    The Hyundai Venue has styling influenced by the company's worldwide design language. It's bold, quirky, and certainly adds a lot of first-time appeals but it may polarise opinions. Nonetheless, the Venue keeps many of the creative looks that made it an immediate sensation. 

    Hyundai Venue exterior 2022 11 10 T07 52 02 350 Z

    The Venue too received major visual enhancements that are in line with its global design language. 

    The Kia Sonet is the only car in our shootout that hasn't seen a substantial stylistic upgrade since its debut. Apart from the new logo, the SUV stays the same and yet looks trendy. The tiger nose grille, sleek LED headlights and red accents courtesy of the GT Line make the Sonet stand out in a crowd. It was also the first in the segment to add a connecting light strip at the back, which is now a typical occurrence in this segment. 

    Kia Sonet exterior 2022 11 10 T07 52 08 267 Z

    The Sonet, for me, remains the best-looking subcompact SUV with a bold and muscular stance.  

    Overall, the trio have done an excellent job of keeping up with modern design bringing a dash of youthfulness to otherwise dull designs from the past. However, the Sonet stands out as a more appealing subcompact SUV. 

    Tech & Interior 

    Even the interior of the Brezza has been completely redesigned to seem significantly more inviting than previously. The use of contrasting materials seems modern while a 360-degree view and a 9-inch infotainment screen ups the ante for the manufacturer with a likeable appeal. The Arkamys speakers with surround sound and a configurable HUD contribute to the overall feel. 

    Maruti Suzuki Brezza interior 2022 11 10 T07 55 47 143 Z

    The cabin of the Brezza is plusher than before.

    The cabin of the Venue feels lacklustre, despite the designers' excellent work on the exteriors. The seats aren't particularly comfy. The infotainment system could have been larger. Moreover, while being a luxury product, the texturing on the door panels appears monotonous. Voice commands for Alexa and the part-electrically adjustable seats at the front are merely a consolation. 

    Hyundai Venue interior 2022 11 10 T07 55 55 854 Z

    The Venue makes excellent use of the space it does have. 

    In terms of overall build quality and materials utilised, the Sonet feels the most premium in this shootout. I absolutely love the Bose speakers, and while the Brezza and Venue have somewhat superior overall sound. The unit on the Sonet is undoubtedly the finest in the segment. The Sonet is also the only one in this test to have ventilated seats albeit only on the top-spec models. 

    Kia Sonet interior 2022 11 10 T07 56 04 653 Z

    The quality of materials inside the cabin, design, textures, fit and finish are top-notch in the Sonet.


    The latest generation Brezza is roomier and provides more comfortable seating. However, the Venue provides passengers in the back with the most relaxing squabs needed for prolonged travels. The Sonet falls short here with insufficient head or knee room for taller passengers and that can be attributed to the sloping roofline. All three have USB ports and rear air conditioning vents. Despite the Sonet having a larger boot, we believe Maruti has done an excellent job decking the car since the Brezza has come a long way from its predecessor. 

    Brezza vs Venue vs Sonet Rear Seats 2022 11 10 T08 00 44 400 Z


    Maruti Suzuki Brezza

    Hyundai Venue

    Kia Sonet


    3,995 mm

    3,995 mm

    3,995 mm


    1,790 mm

    1,770 mm

    1,790 mm


    1,685 mm

    1,617 mm

    1,642 mm


    2,500 mm

    2,500 mm

    2,500 mm

    Ground Clearance

    200 mm

    195 mm

    205 mm

    Boot Space





    Engine & Transmission

    All three SUVs have a slew of engine and transmission options to meet a variety of purposes. The Brezza is built for a smooth ride and great fuel economy whilst the Venue and Sonet are tailored for performance. We picked the Brezza in its automatic version and while the Venue and the Sonet both have the same turbo engine, we chose the iMT and DCT for the Koreans to give our audience a unique perspective.

    Brezza vs Venue vs Sonet Engine 2022 11 10 T08 03 56 038 Z


    Brezza vs Venue vs Sonet Gearbox 2022 11 10 T08 04 17 484 Z
     Maruti Suzuki BrezzaHyundai VenueKia Sonet
    Displacement1,462 cc998 cc998 cc
    Power102 bhp @6,000 rpm118 bhp @6,000 rpm118 bhp @ 6,000 rpm
    Torque137 Nm @4,400 rpm172 Nm @1,500-4,000 rpm172 Nm @1,500-4,000 rpm
    Transmission6-Speed AT6-Speed iMT7-Speed DCT


    Ride & Handling

    The next big change is the motor that now gets the 1.5-litre petrol with Maruti Suzuki’s mild-hybrid system, it also gets the latest Suzuki Japan-developed 6-speed torque convertor and paddle shifter. While the paddles might declare the car’s sporty intent, and work with very little input lag, the motor itself isn’t the sprightliest. Consequently, the acceleration figures reflect the car's laid-back state of tune especially relative to the turbocharged motors on this test.

    Brezza Bodyroll 1 2022 11 10 T08 06 11 505 Z

    The 3-cylinder turbo petrol on the Venue is tuned to make about 120bhp and 172Nm of torque, so there’s plenty of punch, it’s not the most efficient engine of the lot and now that it misses out on the drive modes that feature on the Sonet, then the disparity is even clearer. The Venue is still a nice car to drive and handles well although sharp bumps are transferred to the cabin.

    Venue Bodyroll 1 2022 11 10 T08 06 31 523 Z

    On the go, the Kia is quick off the line and has been tuned to favour performance. It is also the best handler of the lot with some work on the springs that set it apart from its sister car, the Venue. The DCT upshifts quickly but does take some time to process downshifts especially in corners and that can be frustrating, especially for an SUV that otherwise handles so well.

    Sonet Bodyroll 1 2022 11 10 T08 06 47 478 Z

    Fuel Economy

    The Brezza impresses in terms of the economy due to its mild-hybrid technology. In this regard, the range on the turbo units depletes rapidly when I push the pedal to the metal as the real-world figures are much lower than the claimed numbers. 

    Group Tracking Shot 2022 11 10 T08 09 03 932 Z

    Claimed Fuel Efficiency

    Maruti Suzuki Brezza

    Hyundai Venue

    Kia Sonet


    19.89 kmpl

    17.8 kmpl

    18.2 kmpl


    19.80 kmpl 

    18.1 kmpl

    18.3 kmpl



    Each manufacturer prioritises safety and has made significant efforts in this area. Six airbags are standard on the Brezza, ABS and EBD, and sensors for reverse parking. All SUVs come complete with an electronic stability program with hill hold assist. The Venue also receives all of these. However, the top trim has four airbags as well as a Smart Pure air purifier with virus and bacterium protection. The same is true for the Sonet with up to 6 airbags on higher grades. Group Tracking Shot 2 2022 11 10 T08 09 53 813 Z


    Prices & Variants

    All three vehicles' petrol engines are available with manual and automatic gearboxes. While the Brezza has a single petrol choice, both Koreans have two petrol engine options and a single diesel engine option. Only the Sonet, though, receives an automated version of its diesel format. Hyundai also offers the sporty N Line, although at a higher price. Kia, too, with the X-Line. However, the Venue is the most economical option in the class.  


    Maruti Suzuki Brezza

    Hyundai Venue

    Kia Sonet

    Petrol MT

    Rs. 7.99 lakh – Rs. 12.30 lakh

    Rs. 7.53 lakh – Rs. 12.07 lakh

    Rs. 7.49 lakh – Rs. 12.69 lakh

    Petrol AT

    Rs. 10.96 lakh - Rs. 13.80 lakh

    Rs. 10.96 lakh – Rs. 12.72 lakh

    Rs. 11.55 lakh – Rs. 13.39 lakh

    Diesel MT


    Rs. 9.99 lakh – Rs. 12.52 lakh

    Rs. 9.05 lakh – Rs. 13.09 lakh 

    Diesel AT



    Rs. 12.15 lakh – Rs. 13.99 lakh



    Between the Kia Sonet and the Hyundai Venue, the differences are fewer as both are premium offerings with similar feature sets. However, it is easier to pick between the two on a straightforward basis - the Sonet is a better driver’s car, and the Venue offers more comfort for rear-seat passengers. 

    Sonet Tracking 2 2022 11 10 T08 10 55 426 Z

    So, if you’re more focused on the driver seat, pick the Kia and if you’re prioritising the rear occupants, we’d suggest the Venue. 

    Venue Tracking 2 2022 11 10 T08 11 10 719 Z

    While the new Maruti Brezza isn’t an outstanding winner in any of our parameters, and its interior could have been better, it manages to offer the most balanced overall experience. Its larger proportions, spacious cabin, premium feature list and balanced ride are its highlights and make the package hard to fault. 

    Brezza Tracking 1 2022 11 10 T08 13 12 203 Z

    Photography by: Apoorv Choudhary

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