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  • XTA GenX (Petrol)

    Family car for city users

    Tushar Sharma
    I am using nano since 2013 and bought another nano xta which is extremely pleasant. Comfortable ride in city and even for 150 km ride. I m 6'2" and easily can drive the car without any leg space prob. Best part when u go on hilly area it's far batter than any other company small hatchback as it's a rear wheel drive. Perfect car for city ride and specially for learners. Only concern is safety features which could be better. Overall excellent car for city rides.
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  • XTA GenX (Petrol)

    Compete with other cars before discontinuing

    Stanley Jason Panga
    I wouldn't know if the Tata has Done enough tests on the car. Since last 3 years I own the car, made several trips far and near. My service center also is good. Recently me and wife were travelling to a place which should have been on the roadside, when we reached we asked the lady who resides just opposite site. She inadvertently misguided to the old ROAD. I reconfirmed whether car can go that way, she said yes. So I turned the car into a very narrow ROAD. After 10 meter on to the road, I realized I can't turn back. The road is for an ad to the jeep wrangler or something big jeep. Its steep uphill narrow with broken stony road. Wife was holding her breath while I climbed the car. At times we thought that car would roll down, but it pulled up. Till that day I used to call my baby. After that I tell my frinds its a beast. To be frank if some official test the car on this road, the promotion would be different. Also take off the smiley face on the car. Promote this as a serious car. Please take off the name NANO, Times changed. Change front shape . Customer needs car with lots of options. 3 year old and 625cc car can perform the action, Tata can do much more with this car with optionals availble in the present day. Satisfied with car.
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  • This is the car every Indian should buy .who can effort a ca

    Debajit das gupta
    I am using this car for last two years ,this a very good car every Indian should buy at least one car,because the styling of this car is very cute ,milage is very good others is also very good,but some suggestions I must give you sir that engine should be at least 3 cylinder,there must be 5 gear, wheel size should be include from 12 to 14 , tilt steering wheel should be there, but body shape should be same ,that"s all for today.
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    • 23-Apr-19 01:28 PM
      I was faced engine problem after 2 Months worst Cars realizing from TATA They are spoiling life of Normal People . They are doing fording business and worst showrooms and they are cheaters. World worst car is a TATA Cars. They spoiled my life.
  • XT GenX (Petrol)

    Excellent car with all necessary features

    Avijit Paul
    I am driving Genx XT since 2016. Tata should change the name of the car to something different and attractive. I am fully satisfied with the performance of the car.
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  • XE GenX (Petrol)

    Tata Nano cool, small car at affordable price

    Nitin Sardesai
    The car is small but has very good mileage and has low maintenance. This is the right car for the city
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    • 17-Nov-17 10:15 AM
      I am using this nano car for the past 6 years upon me it is worth for money in both maintenance and mileage
  • Quiero ser representante único en México y República Dominic

    Juan Manuel Fdez
    Me interesa vender en Tata Nano en dos países México y República Dominicana Empezaría con 200 unidades en cada país.
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  • Nano good car for to drive

    It is good mileage good pick up good
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  • Small best of world

    Mahesh Shah
    2012 model very good for city riders. Please continue the car. Best car in the world. I am satisfied with the TATA NANO. It is not NANO actually it is WODO (big) one. Thanks.
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Expert Reviews

  • Tata Nano GenX First Drive Review
    Sep 11, 2015 02:37 PM

    The main task for the company now is to simply get a move on, and start focusing on the business end of how to make the car more desirable and appealing to the people it wants to sell the Nano to.