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  • STD (Electric)

    Awesome vehicle

    One of the best vehicles even in history, best ride experience, best service both door step and center service, Best technology and the best part is great staff. People who are writing bad review about the rate I will just give a example for you dumass ppl. Cost of petrol per litre is 70 rupees (depends upon states) and an avarage petrol vehicle gives you a milage or 30 to 40 km (for 10000km it cost you ?17500) where as cost for 55km that is 2units is ?10 (for 10000km it cost you ?4000) and cost for a petrol vehicle for a service is minimum ?2500 (includes oil change) but for Ather it cost you less than ?500. So total expense for 10000km for a petrol vehicle is ?20000 approximately and for a Ather is ?5000. Atleast now you ppl should start calculating the expenditure for your vehicle and take the vehicle and when it come to range initially when a petrol vehicle came it had a 2 or 3lts tank which was giving a milage not more than 10km. It will take time to improve the technology and when it comes to paint of the vehicle , it is not your backyard buffalo to put water and rub with metal scrubber. Any vehicle which is handled in such manner will get faided not for 1month but for 1 day only, so don't work like a dumass ppl. Think before writing a blog.
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  • STD (Electric)

    instead pick up give batter performance nic road stability o

    instead pick up give batter performance nic balance stability on road i drive on 72km speed but sort time in jast around 7/10.second take time it's confidently ride breaking is much better then other scooter , only i need the battery be removed and we charged spratly ,
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  • STD (Electric)

    Problem Vehicle

    PAINT FADED IN ONE MONTH AND MANY MORE PROBLEMS THEY have new feature.. if you complain... AND tell a owner of will be BLOCKED.. in TWITTER AND FORUM OF OWNER'S. TO MAKE SURE PUBLIC CAN SEE ROSY THING'S. I am doing This because I don't have any other option to reach out to public. THINK HUNDRED TIMES.
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  • Too costly

    Instead of spending 1.2 Lakhs on this, We can purchase any petrol scooty for appx 60 thousand n balance 60000 We can use for petrol for appx 6 Yrs. Moreover its spare parts are very costly as compared to petrol scooty....So overall it's waste product..
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  • Very Expensive, like i dont recommend

    PPL will buy i phone as if its great, as if i phone solves all issue on its own, and as if it has great feature that are not available in android, i feel, ppl just crazy.anyways its all about their interest. how many ppl are using IPhone, and how many are using android. same here in this scooter, very expensive. Think about any damage happens these guys charge min 10K for space parts I don't like to recommend it to my friends also as the price of this scooter is very high and still goes up to 74 km on full charge that in ECO mode. Greedy guys might have fixed price.
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  • STD (Electric)

    Good scooter but worth not spending money 1.2 lakh

    Not worth spending 1.2 lakh for battery and motor
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  • STD (Electric)

    Not worth spending 1.2 lakh

    Scooter is good in most of the perspectives, but price is too much. If we spend such a huge amount we expect atleast 150 km on full charge, frankly speaking just for the battery and motor are expensive rest of the things are not that costs you much, for this spending 1 lakh is too bad, these Ather ppl money minded it seems, they want to become rich in short span and they are trying convince us by saying tork, and lithium battery, good motor and no maintenance. But it's not that worth spending 1.2 lakh
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  • Best Scooter out there in the market

    I test rode it yesterday at their experiance center in Bangalore. It is fantastic, it really is faster than petrol scooter, and the attention to detail is fantastic! The storage space, the reverse mode, the navigation.
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  • STD (Electric)

    Best EV out there right now

    Sunit J
    I own a 450 and it's been more than 3 months. I love it. It's not perfect, but it's got amazing performance and feels so good to ride it. Everybody asks why it's expensive. Trust me, it's totally worth it. It has OTA updates which are like software updates on your phone. So the scooter gets new features and improvements over time. It's extremely powerful. Performance is wonderful. It takes you to 70 really fast! Almost like a 150cc motorbike. Brakes are super sensitive too. It's got maps. And it actually works quite well. You'll need network for it to work though, so that sucks. But it works in most places. It's got a really large storage space. I fit in a large MT helmet in it along with other stuff. There's a whole lot more that I'm not saying here. This is unlike any other electric vehicle. Actually unlike any other 2 wheeler you've ever ridden. I'd suggest test riding the Ather 450 even if you're not in the market for a new vehicle. It's an experience on it's own.
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  • Useless electric vehicle's

    Ganesh bhai
    I have a very bad experience from electrical vehicles at the end of the day you will spend a lot of time and money on battery and accessories whatever you save initially it is all visceral more over like fuel you can't cover heavy distance instead one can go for a cycle where you can improve your health also in no way electric vehicle are useful in long run
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  • STD (Electric)

    Very good

    Ti is very good bike to ride
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  • STD (Electric)

    5 star

    Subhash S Biradar
    Use it and I bet you ll love it
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