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Kawasaki Registers Trademark For Leaning Trike

A bicycle type trike with two front wheels and an electric hub motor is seen on the Instagram account of Noslisu, a new brand trademarked by Kawasaki.

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Noslisu is the new sub-brand registered by Kawasaki


  • Noslisu is the new sub-brand trademarked by Kawasaki
  • The brand may be launched and include electric bikes and trikes
  • More details are still awaited on the brand's product line-up

Kawasaki may be looking to set up a new subsidiary, new sub-brand dedicated to tilting three-wheelers. Kawasaki seems to be following Yamaha and Honda in developing leaning three-wheelers, but the latest range may not exactly be positioned in direct competition with the Yamaha Niken. A trademark for the name 'Noslisu' was filed with the European Union on August 31, 2020 and according to the description, it's intended to be used on "tricycles, motorised tricycles and parts and fittings thereof; bicycles, electric bicycles and parts and fittings thereof; motorcycles, electric motorcycles, and parts and fittings thereof."

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The Noslisu trike has a hub-mounted electric motor and also features pedals like a conventional bicycle

The scope of the description in the trademark filings indicate that Kawasaki may be looking to include not just internal combustion engined trikes, but may also include electric powerplants, so whatever products Noslisu may introduce, these won't be competing with the Yamaha Niken. An Instagram account linked to the trademarked name shows one image of an electrically-assisted, pedal-powered leaning trike.

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Earlier this year, Kawasaki filed patent images of a three-wheeled motorcycle that's more in line with what the Yamaha Niken looks like, and powered by a conventional internal combustion engine. The latest trademark Noslisu reveals a trike built like a bicycle, complete with pedals and spoked wheels, but with two front wheels attached to a leaning suspension frame. The rear wheel gets a hub-mounted electric motor, that will provide electric assistance, and there are two units mounted on the frame; these two units will possibly house the batteries and control the electronics associated with the electric motor. In all likelihood, the Noslisu brand will be launched soon, and likely to target the Japanese market.



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