The Actual Price Of A Ferrari F40 Today

An interesting fact about the classic Ferrari F40 is that the manufacturer released the car on the auspicious occasion of its 40th anniversary of road-suitable car production.

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Published on January 12, 2022

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    The name “Ferrari” is a brand in itself and occupies an extremely superior spot in the world of cars. In the world of supercars, many refer to Ferrari as the “King'. So, how did the company come to be such a respected manufacturer? The journey of “Ferrari” to the place it is now at is quite interesting.

    Ferrari – A Brief History


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    Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the company, had his eyes set on racing and therefore, production was never on his plans. After some time, the company acquired alfa Romeos and equipped them with suitable components for racing. This was a masterstroke that made the company even more successful, and as a result, became a part of Alfa's work team. The professional association soon ended. When this happened, World War 2 was ongoing, which had a catastrophic effect on the presence of international racing. Eventually, the war came to an end, and Ferrari realised that they need to find a new way of making money that would offer greater profits since producing a few race cars would not be very profitable

    The car manufacturer introduced their very first production car in the year 1948. Even though it did not sit well with Enzo's preferences since he was very focused on racing, the journey of Ferrari's greatness began. One remarkable point in the journey of Ferrari as an established car manufacturer came when, after four decades, the company celebrated the propitious occasion with the car that commenced the company journey towards soaring heights – The Ferrari F40.

    Ferrari F40 – A Class Apart


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    Even today, the F40 manages to turn heads. The car's novelty paired with limited availability makes the car an absolute beast in the era of supercars. Even though Ferrari designed the F40 to wow the world with its staggering performance, it did not compromise on styling and appearance. The almost 3-litre engine offering 478 horsepower owing it all to the twin turbochargers made the car “really fast”. The car has more than a few admirers. The list of people who own the classic includes F1 drivers such as Alain Prost (Four-Time Champion), celebrities like Nick Mason (Pink Floyd band member). As a result of the F40's success, the company also launched its successors inspired by the vehicle, namely the F50 and Enzo, 10 and 20 years later respectively. Therefore, these cars celebrate the company's 50th and 60th road car manufacturing anniversaries.


    Photo Credit: unsplash.com

    Get Your Hands On A Ferrari F40 Today

    To get hold of Ferrari's classic bundle of styling, performance and sheer class, you will need to spend quite a lot of big bucks. In 1988, the sale price of Ferrari Classic was set at a whopping $0.4 million. As per sources (Car & Driver's 1991 Feature), purchasing the car in that year would cost you somewhere around the vicinity of $0.7 million. Today, the price of the car has gone way up. Even though the F40 is not the most expensive automobile from Ferrari, interested buyers can get their hands on one for $1 million! Who would imagine that this is how much a Ferrari F40 is worth today?

    Owning a Ferrari is a statement in itself. They build cars to offer outstanding performance along with drool-worthy looks. Although the price of these is skyrocketing, you can rest assured that they are worth every single penny.


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