Toyota Reaches New Global Milestone With 300 Million Cars Produced

The Corolla was the brand's highest-produced model line with over 53 million units produced as of end-September 2023.

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Published on November 7, 2023

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  • The Corolla is the most manufactured model line with over 53 million units produced
  • Carmaker produced over 180 million units in Japan
  • Production in other global markets stood at over 119 million units

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) has reached a new production milestone with over 300 million cars produced worldwide. The achievement comes 88 years and two months after Toyota's inaugural vehicle, the Model G1 truck, rolled off the assembly line in August 1935.


The achievement encompasses both domestic and international production. The carmaker revealed that it has produced 180.52 million vehicles in its home market of Japan and a further 119.6 million cars have been produced in various locations worldwide. 

The Corolla is the brand's most produced nameplate with over 53 million units produced.


Among the numerous models that have contributed to this significant production figure, one stands out: the Toyota Corolla. The Corolla series has by far been the company’s best-selling model with a cumulative global production total of 53,399,000 units.

Speaking on the milestone, Akio Toyoda, Chairman, Toyota Motor Corporation said, “ I think this number of 300 million stands as proof of all the hard work, every day, of our colleagues at Toyota, our suppliers and dealers, and all the many other stakeholders, as well as all those who came before us," stated Toyoda. He emphasised that Toyota's history is a story of relentless perseverance and the unyielding support of customers, who have chosen Toyota as their automotive partner.

The 300 million unit production milestone comes 88 years after the company rolled out its first four-wheeler.


Koji Sato, President of Toyota, also extended his appreciation to customers, employees, suppliers, and dealers, who played a role in this achievement. He underscored that the journey to 300 million cars was fraught with challenges, including natural disasters and unforeseen global events like the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite these trials, Toyota's global team has consistently demonstrated resilience and a commitment to providing quality vehicles.


Looking forward, President Koji Sato expressed Toyota's dedication to never forget those who have been instrumental in the company's journey. He pledged to continue building "ever-better cars" that bring joy to customers worldwide.

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