Zontes 350T ADV Review

The Zontes 350T ADV is a road-biased adventure touring motorcycle which targets a space dominated by the KTM 390 Adventure and BMW G 310 GS in India. Is it any good, and provide a suitable alternative in the segment? We seek some answers in this review.

By Preetam Bora


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Published on February 20, 2023

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  • Zontes 350T ADV priced at Rs. 3.57 lakh
  • 348 cc engine makes 37.4 bhp, 32 Nm
  • 19-litre fuel tank; 196 kg kerb weight

The Zontes 350T ADV sits in a unique space in the Indian motorcycle market. It’s the most adventure-focussed model from the Chinese brand in India, introduced by Adishwar Auto Ride India, the company behind brands like Benelli, Moto Morini and Keeway. If looks are any indication, the Zontes 350T ADV seems to be made for exploring new places, going for the long haul and even to take on the occasional off-road venture. 


The Zontes 350T ADV looks like purpose-built, entry-level adventure bike, and boasts of a few segment-first features. Is it good enough to take on rivals like the KTM 390 Adventure and BMW G 310 GS?




Zontes 350T ADV

The Zontes 350T ADV has road presence all right. It looks visually big, and like a bigger adventure bike than it actually is.


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Design & Features


Visually, the 350T ADV does look the part of a proper off-road ready adventure bike. The signature ADV beak, LED lights, a big windscreen and a massive 19-litre fuel tank with standard crashguards give it a lot of visual mass up front. If it’s presence one’s looking for, the 350T ADV does have it. It’s big, imposing and looks like a bigger bike than it is. The big fuel tank, which is bigger than many mid-size ADVs, promises very good range between refills. The slash-cut twin exhausts on the right side remind one of the MV Agusta slash-cut exhausts, but considering it’s a single, the Zontes has a one into two exhaust design.


Zontes 350T ADV Design & Features

The Zontes 350T ADV gets keyless operation, with electronically adjustable windshield, remote operation for fuel filler lid, and seat release.


And there’s also a long list of features, some of them gimmicky, but firsts in the segment, and even a couple of segments above. There’s keyless operation, electronically adjustable windscreen, remote operation for fuel lid, and remote operation to access under the seat. 


Zontes 350T ADV electronically adjustable windscreen

The TFT instrument console is well laid out, and offers a long list of information and features, including Bluetooth connectivity and tyre pressure monitoring system.


The 5-inch colour instrument console gives access to four different layouts – Casual, Race, Street and Simple. There’s Bluetooth connectivity and even a tyre pressure monitoring system, which is once again a segment-first feature. The wire spoke wheels come with tubeless tyres which will appeal to adventurers and offer peace of mind. 


Zontes 350T ADV Tubeless Tyres

Rusted spots are seen at several places, and it's not even the rainy season! 


But fit and finish, as well as build quality is something which needs improvement. Panels are well-finished, but there's evidence of rust on a lot of places, including the brake discs, which in the dry season, reflects very poorly. We can only imagine what will happen in the Indian monsoon, and in coastal areas if the rusting issue of certain parts persist. 


Zontes 350 T ADV Static 4

The Zontes 350T ADV certainly looks solid, has a big aura about it, and looks premium even.


Zontes 350T ADV: Engine & Performance


The single-cylinder engine doesn’t sound any different, despite the twin slash-cut exhaust end cans. The 348 cc, single-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine puts out 37.4 bhp at 9,500 rpm and 32 Nm of peak torque at 7,500 rpm. On the move, the engine doesn’t seem to lack in power or grunt. It will hold respectable speeds, but anything north of the ton, the vibes start creeping in, and that’s when you miss on some overall refinement levels. 


Zontes 350T ADV: Engine & Performance

The Zontes 350T ADV is happiest cruising at around 90-95 kmph, but will hit over 135 kmph when prodded. The engine though lacks the refinement and finesse that is expected of a modern machine which intends to make a mark in the Indian market.


Cruising at about 6,000 rpm in sixth gear, the Zontes 350T ADV is at a happy place. But during acceleration, the engine doesn’t feel very refined, although performance is quite par for the course. And out on the highway, if you chase speeds north of the ton, you will be heading into territory beyond 6,000 rpm, and that’s when the vibes begin to creep in, on the footpegs, seat of your pants and even on the handlebar. 


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Cruising at about 6,000 rpm in sixth gear, the Zontes 350T ADV

Tarmac handling is quite satisfactory, and without any unexpected surprises or alarming moments.


Zontes 350T ADV: Ride and Handling

Ride quality is decent, although the 43 mm upside down forks do seem to feel harsh while going over rough patches. Handling is decent enough, and in everyday riding there’s no cause for any alarming surprises in the 350T ADV’s dynamics. On tarmac, it feels planted and stable, whether going on a straight line, or tackling the occasional corner.

Zontes 350T ADV: Ride and Handling

When you hit the trails, the weaknesses of the Zontes 350T ADV begin to show up.


But when you do leave the tarmac behind, that’s when you realise that the 350T ADV is more suited for adventures on the black top, rather than venturing into the unknown. The stand-up riding position isn’t good for off-road riding; and neither do the tyres offer confidence over the loose stuff. Grab a handful of throttle in the dirt and the rear tends to step out, a little too often. 


Zontes 350T ADV: Ride

Over loose terrain, like sand, the tyres don't offer confidence for off-road duties. The rear slides out too easily and the front-end is twitchy.


Front end performance is twitchy over loose surfaces, more a case with the tyres than the bike’s capability. But suspension has no stroke for decent off-road work. Then there’s the underbelly exhaust canister which has no protection, so you have to be mindful of clearance and knocks there, when going over rocky trails.


Zontes 350T ADV Off-road Work

The Zontes 350T ADV looks like a burly adventure tourer, and has a lot going for it.




The Zontes 350T ADV does look the part of a bigger ADV than it is. It has presence all right, and has the features and gizmos to give it some appeal at first glance. But for a brand which is relatively unknown in India, Zontes will need more than just face value. Better refinement, sharper dynamics and more capability can only help its case to some extent. The bigger challenge is that the Zontes 350T ADV is positioned in a segment which has entry-level adventure bikes like the BMW G 310 GS and the KTM 390 Adventure


Zontes 350T ADV off-road

The relatively higher price than its rivals, as well as limited retail footprint of a brand which is not very well-known are challenges for the Zontes 350T ADV.


Priced at Rs. 3.57 lakh (Ex-showroom), the Zontes 350T ADV is more expensive than its two immediate rivals. But price apart, the other challenge for the 350T ADV will also be establishing the Zontes brand. Despite its unique features, the high sticker price and limited retail footprint of Zontes will be speedbreakers that will need to be crossed. And even then, the 350T ADV will have an uphill climb to establish itself in a market like India.




Engine Displacement348 cc
Engine TypeSingle-Cylinder, Liquid-Cooled
Maximum Power37.4 bhp @ 9,000 rpm
Peak Torque32 Nm @ 7,500 rpm
Minimum Ground Clearance173 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity19 Litres
Seat Height830 mm
Kerb Weight196 kg
Front Suspension43 mm USD
Front Brake320 mm single disc
Rear Brake265 mm single disc


(Photography: Arvind Salhan)



Last Updated on February 20, 2023

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