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Comparison Review: Toyota Innova Crysta vs Renault Lodgy

Comparison Review: Toyota Innova Crysta vs Renault Lodgy expand View Photos


  • The second generation Innova Crysta impresses with its muscular design
  • The Renault Lodgy comes with a competitive price tag over the Innova
  • Both MPVs offer appreciable cabin space and can seat up to seven easily

I had always possessed a shirt, which I believed was a lucky one. And so, if it ever came unstitched or there appeared a small hole in it, it would promptly find its way to the tailor, who touched it up and made it somewhat new. This went on for over a really long time; till another most amazing one caught my fancy; and then, just like that, in a flash, the new one had taken the place of the old, though it still may have had a bit of a life in it, or perhaps not! The story is somewhat similar with the new Toyota Innova Crysta that was launched in India at ₹ 13.84 lakh (ex-showroom, Mumbai). It's been close to a decade, since we've seen the second generation of the car. Yes, we've seen facelifts and limited edition, and the car remained a success, till other car makers saw the potential of the MPV segment and then there were a barrage of launches - right from the Maruti Suzuki Ertiga to the Honda Mobilio and finally the Renault Lodgy. Yes, there was a dent in sales, for Toyota, which is why at the 2016 Auto Expo, we saw the emergence of the 2nd generation of the MPV.

Innova Crysta vs Lodgy Side Profile

Toyota Innova Crysta and Renault Lodgy Side Profile

Now, in our review, we've mentioned all about the car and where it stands, when compared to its predecessor. Considering that it has grown leaps and bounds, the price of the car too will see it stand at a pedestal and its one time true rival - the Renault Lodgy, will become a distant one and that probably is a good thing for Renault.

The Lodgy, when it was launched, brought a breath of fresh air into the MPV segment with the features on offer and the powerful 1.5-litre diesel engine. In fact, back then, it was the most powerful MPV of the lot and though still boxy in looks, it won our hearts, when it came to driving the car, as it was more or less similar to the Duster and that's a good car to drive. However, a lot has changed now and well, frankly the Toyota Innova has gone the distance, in turning the Innova Crysta into something more than just another regular MPV, which is why we will try and answer basic questions about the two cars.

Toyota Innova Crysta Design

Toyota Innova Crysta Design


Who Wins in the Looks Department?

That's not a tough one at all. The design and proportions of the Innova are more like a SUV, which remind one of the next-gen Fortuner and with all that muscle on it, the Innova Crysta looks more imposing on the road. In fact, the taut lines on the bonnet and the muscles on the fenders give it a bit of an edge. Toyota has gone all out, it seems like, as the headlamp cluster is sleeker and it also comes with day time running LEDs. The second generation truly looks imposing and in front of this the Renault Lodgy looks like a cat mellowed down after hearing the tiger roar. The Innova Crysta looks more premium and new-gen, when compared to the Renault Lodgy, which makes it a clear winner.

Which One is More Spacious?

The Renault Lodgy is shorter than the Innova Crysta, both in length and height, but where it wins the battle is in the wheelbase department and that should essentially translate into more space inside, which it does have, especially in the front two rows. The ground clearance too is a good 174mm, while the Innova makes do with just 167mm, which is a significant change. However, we have to take all three rows into consideration and given this scenario, though the Innova Crysta's wheelbase remains unchanged from its predecessor, there is a lot more space on offer, in both the leg and head room departments. The second row boasts of almost identical space, but you sit taller in the Innova Crysta. However, there are captain seats for both in the second row, which ensures you have your own space. The third row, however, is where you see a stark difference and the Innova Crysta has more space than the Lodgy, which is why it is more comfortable. I, a six footer, could easily manage to get in the third row and sit comfortably in the Innova Crysta, but in the Lodgy, it was a little cramped. It all came down to 'In which car I would sit longer in' and the answer was the Innova Crysta, solely because it had better space at the rear.

Innova Crysta vs Lodgy Performance

Toyota Innova Crysta vs Renault Lodgy Performance

Which one has More Power?

When it was launched, the Renault Lodgy was the most powerful MPV in India, but with the launch of the second generation of the Innova, that part has certainly changed. Where the 1.5-litre diesel engine on the Lodgy churns out 86bhp and 109bhp, the higher capacity 2.4-litre diesel on the Innova Crysta churns out a hefty 147bhp and develops 343Nm torque. So, now there is a huge gap between the power outputs. In fact, the Innova Crysta comes with another 2.8-litre engine, which is capable of punching out 171bhp. In short, the Innova Crysta has dethroned the Lodgy, to become the most powerful MPV in India.

Innova Crysta vs Lodgy Transmissions

Toyota Innova Crysta vs Renault Lodgy Transmissions

What are the Transmissions on Offer?

While the Renault Lodgy is available with only a six-speed manual transmission, (the same one as in the Duster), Toyota has managed to bring in a 5-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic. Now the manual transmission is only available with the 2.4-litre engine, while the 6-speed sequential shift comes only on the 2.8-litre variant. The Renault Lodgy does not come with an automatic variant; however, we've come to understand that there'll be an AMT variant that will be launched soon and that might up the ante for the Lodgy.

Toyota Innova Crysta Power

Toyota Innova Crysta Power

Which One is better to Drive?

Considering that the Innova Crysta is based on a new platform, I had high expectations, but there are some things that bring in a sense of deja vu, like the gear lever on the manual variant. The gear rattles and we see it wobbling a bit, when in neutral. The throws too are long and though you have all the power at your disposal, you somehow feel that this one is a bit too tedious to drive. However, all is forgiven, when you drive the automatic variant, as it feels ready to go. The gear shifts might not be seamless, but they deliver the power, when required. Switch to the manual mode and you can enjoy a hassle free drive.

Renault Lodgy Power

Renault Lodgy Power

The engine does groan a bit, but its stability at high speeds cannot be questioned. Yes, there is a bit of body roll and you do feel that the car is a bit bulky to drive. But it's not the same in the Renault Lodgy. The car, though long, feels just as compact as the Duster and you get to enjoy your time behind the wheel. The gear shifts too are better than that on the Innova Crysta and you can throw it into the corner and it'll stay well planted, though you deal with some body roll in this one too. The suspension on both the cars is set up on the softer side, which means that both soak in the undulations on the roads, with ease. Both cars come with Cruise Control, but the Innova Crysta comes with three driving modes - the Eco, Normal and Power. The Lodgy only comes with an Eco mode, which basically tunes the engine response to be more inclined to save fuel.

Innova Crysta vs Lodgy Features

Innova Crysta vs Lodgy Features

Which One comes with More Features?

The Innova Crysta has come a long way and Toyota has given it tons of features, like a 7-inch touchscreen system and a 4.2-inch TFT monitor, which shows you all the information, you need. There's a Radio, Navigation, a DVD player, USB, Aux-in, Bluetooth and even 20 bottle holders. There is also stuff like ambient lighting, automatic climate control and a Push Start/Stop button. The Lodgy misses out on things like climate control, a Push Start/Stop, a DVD player and even ambient lighting. It however, comes with Navigation, a 7-inch infotainment system, Aux-In, USB, Radio, Bluetooth et al. Both the cars get dedicated AC vents, for the second and third row, and that's very good for the passengers seated inside. The second row, on both the cars, sees foldable tray tables, which come in handy, to put your coffee or work on the laptop. So, both are at par with one another, on the features front.

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Toyota Innova Crysta Interior

Toyota Innova Crysta Interior

What about Safety Features?

Yes, both the cars have them. While standard equipment on the Innova Crysta includes 3 Airbags and ABS with EBD, the Lodgy comes equipped with ABS, EBD and brake from the base variant. The top-of-the line Innova Crysta sees features like 7 airbags, Vehicle stability control, Hill Start Assist Control and even parking sensors. The Lodgy also gets the rear view camera, with parking sensors, but gets only dual airbags. Hopefully, with the launch of the facelift soon, all that will change.

Renault Lodgy Interior

Renault Lodgy Interior

How are They Priced?

The price for the Lodgy starts at ₹ 8.29 lakh and goes all the way up to ₹ 12.29 lakh (prices ex-showroom Delhi); the Innova Crysta, however, will come at a premium price and from what we understand, the price of the car will start from ₹ 12 lakh and go all the way upto ₹ 20 lakh, which is pretty steep pricing, considering it's an MPV. Mind you, you cannot buy the car in Delhi, considering the diesel car ban; so yes, it's a step backwards already; and, the question remains -are you alright, if they charge a premium fee, for a premium product?

Innova Crysta vs Renault Lodgy

Innova Crysta vs Renault Lodgy

Do You Buy the Innova Crysta or Wait for the Lodgy Facelift?

The Innova loyalists will not go the Lodgy way and in fact even the premium price will not dither them from buying the car. The comfort, styling, powerful engine and the automatic gearbox will be the biggest USPs for Toyota and yes, even if the pricing is steep, considering how low on maintenance it will be, the Innova Crysta is a good choice. What the Lodgy misses out on is styling and an auto-box and we've been told that an AMT is on its way soon, so that department is taken care of. But the steep pricing of the Innova Crysta might come as a blessing in disguise for the Lodgy and considering that you get a lot more (than the Ertiga or Mobilio) at a price under Rs 13 lakh (where the Innova Crysta prices might start). All that said, the Innova Crysta has the upper hand in this battle and with the new generation strengthens its footprint in India.

Toyota Innova Crysta 2.4 Diesel Specs

Engine: 2393cc, 4 cylinder, DOHC 16 valve Common rail

Maximum Power: 147bhp@3400rpm

Maximum Torque: 343Nm@1400-2800rpm

Transmission: 5-Speed Manual
Toyota Innova Crysta 2.8 Diesel Specs

Engine: 2755cc, 4 cylinder, DOHC 16 valve Common rail

Maximum Power: 171bhp@3400rpm

Maximum Torque: 360Nm@1200-3400rpm

Transmission: 6-Speed Automatic with Sequential Shift


Toyota Innova Crysta Dimensions

Length: 4735mm

Height: 1795mm

Wheelbase: 2750mm

Ground Clearance: 167mm


Renault Lodgy Specifications

Engine: 1461cc

Maximum Power: 85/109bhp

Maximum Torque: 248Nm

Transmission: 6-Speed Manual


Renault Lodgy Dimensions

Length: 4498mm

Height: 1697mm

Width: 1751mm