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Review: Volvo V40 Cross Country

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Whenever you hear the name Volvo, the first thing that strikes your mind is safety but rarely does one think of a car. In India especially, Volvo is synonymous with buses and, mind you people that is an entirely different entity. Volvo has had cars in India for some time now and for them they know that only those looking for luxury, features and style will go for their cars. But when you look at the new V40 Cross Country, you sense that it will get the attention it deserves.

The V40 Cross Country definitely is a looker and a big thumbs-up for Volvo on that front. It's got a nice and aggressive front with some sleek cuts and creases on the bonnet. The angled back headlamps are perfect and the black roof just adds to all the drama that the V40 creates as it drives down the roads.

The inside of the car is a little disappointing though. It's simple and not as flamboyant as say an Audi or even a Merc. The bits that you get glued to, though, include a shiny white central console and the transparent LED illuminated gear selector while a frameless rear-view mirror and a massive full-length glass roof make you drool.

The Volvo V40 will be available in two motors in India for the V40 Cross Country: the 180bhp T4 petrol and the five-cylinder 148bhp D3 diesel. The front-wheel-drive V40 leaps forward as soon as you place your foot on the pedal and is extremely responsive. It's extremely well built and that is one reason why you don't mind going flat out at any km/h or even throw it around any corner.

Priced at Rs 28.5 lakhs, the Volvo V40 is expensive, especially than its competitors the BMW, the Audi and the Merc. The company however, knows this and has packed the V40 with some good features, safety equipments and a good engine making it a package which is compact yet has more to offer.


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