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  • Suprb bike

    Vishal rathore
    This bike is very good, it is very comfortable for long drives.n Bike sitting very good
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  • bajaj avenger 220 cruise specs and reviews

    nadeem sarang
    its a very comfortable bike,with a gpod sounding exhaust.I like the colour and ther posture of the bike.I do recommend this bike if you go on long rides.power dilivery is also very awesome
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  • Issue in gear shifting

    I bought my Dream bike on 22/03/18. b4 that i used other bike CBR 150, Frazer but still I had crush on Average bike. Aft I took bike in short period I got issue in gear shifting I informed in each service but it's not rectified. Finally in 2019 jan I got call from saying that some manufacturing defect so please visit authorised service centre as per there instruction I visit and they said it's minor issue it will take 1hr. Aft I came & see they opened engin i asked how can open engine they said router* replacement ( I don't know exact name of that) I don't know what to say with disappointment. 1. Gear shutting; Main issue I can't shift gear when I need boz of that am not confident to over take other vehicles. 2. Rear drum Break: it's very bad if I need to apply I have to push harder (it's not break liner issue I changed and tried) 3. Slippery: if I apply rear break in 40 to 45km it's not stop in short distance its slip like sand on road even road is perfect. Compare to 100cc bike. 100cc bikes are easily stop in short distance but not 220cc that too having big tyre. Below issues are minor problems but still I'm mentioning. 4. Break sound: from day one to till now I get irritate when ever I apply rear break. 5. Head light: it's not focus like other bike & scooters. 6. No pass light option for high beam (Dim & up button)
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Good bike not very good bike

    Rahul Arjun Pisal
    Not very good bike. I suggested to purchase yamaha FZ bike otherwise suzuki Gixer ....i dont like this bike performance, very noisy sound coming when smooth drive experience in avenger cruise..
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Awsome Ctuiser

    Riju Paul
    Super cruise bike in this rate and class, no maintanence as of now. Very attractive design, eye catcher, getting milage 42km is superb in this class. Seating is good for long journey, no backpain at all. 100% satisfied.
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  • Not feel like God.. but ok

    Sunil patkar
    Seating is comfortable.. But bike is not smooth . Makes.sound . Petrol meter is of no use as it's never perfect.. Needed more power .not feeling like 220 with having less furl average... Good for pillion rider-comfortable Look wise the bike is very good
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  • Not availabel kick not good.

    Umesh kumar yadav
    Model is good too attractive but some time troubles in start.
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  • Performance on all types of road conditions

    M sreenivasa murthy
    Vehicle is good for long drives.but the digital speedometer fitted is not good as in rainy conditions and while washing water drops goes inside it causing malfunctioning .
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  • STD (Petrol)

    The beauty and The beast Avenger Cruise 220

    Kshitij Vyas
    It's been a year I am riding Avenger 220 cruise, crossed 25000km till now ....and bike is performing well....the seating is best for longer routes.......driven off road too it went well. Max speed reached 130........ average 40 sometimes 45 .......only one thing bajaj cam improve in this bike which is self start gear....yes this doesn't come with a kick so they need to more powerful self start system.
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Bajaj bikes are not upto the mark

    I have drove around 3000km now but there I's a oil leakage front engine head and vehicle is tilted one side even handle is bend from first day but no proper reply from Bajaj and even from service center... to hell with Bajaj really not worth of buying
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Don't by this bike

    I have a avenger 220 cruise worst battery And services center not response properly useless fellows
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 very poor in maintenance

    Jalaludeen TK
    I am using Avenger cruise bike for 14 months and Km done is 11998 km, now my bike engine oil is leaking. Also if i park my bike in hot sun for 10 minutes after running for 200 meter, the engine stops automatically then 2 minutes later only i can start the bike. This issue is not rectified by service people till now.
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  • worst service & response from showroom & Bajaj Auto Ltd

    Raghuram B N
    I have Purchased Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 2018 Model. vechicle runned 13000 kms, exactly 1 year till Now more then 30 Times vehicle as been serviced, From Ananth Bajaj(Showroom) in Magadi Road Kamakshipalya Bangalore. today also its in showrrom for service. so i have very bad experience with Bajaj Vehicle. really very very worst service & Response from Bajaj Auto Ltd.
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  • Best bike for riding but worst service center

    Vipin K Antony
    I love my bike. I have avenger 220 cruise gold 2016 model. Its covered 18000kms now. And still i have no issues with my bike. But i got very very poor service from nearest service center. They are too irresponsible. They denied my vehicle's warranty and said that "you can complain to bajaj directly if u need".. They even dont know how to behave..! I'm too dissatisfied in service of "Grand Bajaj, Thrissur, Kerala" Avenegr is the best vehicle for comfort long ride, but we all customers are forced to go for local workshops.
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  • A suggestion for better improvement of Bajaj avenger Cruise

    I would like to suggest that there should be chain cover for better performance of speed/ mileage. I request of put chain cover/ guard.
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Perfect bike

    Good cruiser, good milage & good look, less maintanence
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  • STD (Petrol)

    Don't buy Avenger cruise 220

    I bought new Avenger cruise with digital display below are the major issues. Please Don't buy this 1. The petrol indicator in digital display is wrong for all bikes(Manufacture defect). At times it shows half full even when it is empty. 2. Even though it is a very new bike. There is always sound in disc brakes and I understand nothing can be done to resolve will not feel a new bike experience bcoz of this. 3. Gear lever is very lenghty. Even for tallest person both front and back of lever will not fit within your feet. 4. Very poor mileage. Not more than 30km even if tuned. 5. No space to keep even the bike documents. 6.The side flap where the battery is located doesn't lock well and there will be a gap.
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    • 19-Aug-18 06:30 PM
      dude i have also purchased this bikes in april and i agree with you in the terms of mileage..

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