10 Most Iconic Cars Named After Animals

Giving cars animal names makes complete sense, given how we've utilised animals for millennia to make our job and daily lives simpler.

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Published on February 1, 2022

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    Given that humans designed automobiles to perform the functions of animals—most famously, the horse—no, it's a surprise that many historic cars are named after animals. Traditional manufacturers frequently used animal names before anything else, who saw the grace of a panther or the strength of a jaguar as desirable qualities in an automobile.

    Of course, certain animal names will be more popular than others. Buyers of automobiles may find some to be magnificent, while others may find them simply amusing. You may be the judge for these ten iconic automobiles named after animals.

    Volkswagen Beetle

    The final model of the classic automobile was named after the animal. It was established about a century ago. The Beetle is the most admired and well-loved Type 1 version, producing over 21 million units. The Beetle is presently out of vogue, with Volkswagen relying on nostalgia rather than inventiveness.

    Cheetah GT

    The cheetah is a great name for a flamboyant sports vehicle with a striking external appearance, and this 1963 Chevrolet model is named after it. Only ten of these Cheetah GTs were ever made, making them rare. This vehicle, designed by race driver Don Edmunds to compete with the Shelby Cobra, has 500 horsepower and a top speed of 215 mph, appropriate for a car named after the world's fastest land mammal.

    Dodge Viper

    An 8-litre V10 engine powers the Viper that Lamborghini had to modify when it was needed for Chrysler's super-sized pickup trucks. Like the rest of the car, it is a hulking behemoth, weighing about 330 kg, or about the same as a standard Caterham Seven.


    Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org

    Ford Mustang

    The Ford Mustang, often regarded as the most famous American vehicle, revolutionised the industry when originally released in the 1960s. It should come as no surprise that the Mustang, as the "pony car" vehicle type creator, has always had a significant amount of horsepower. The unrestrained character of the wild Mustang, after which the Ford model is named, has a lot in common with that performance.

    Plymouth Barracuda

    The Ford Mustang is, without a doubt, the most well-known muscle vehicle of the 1960s. The Plymouth Barracuda, on the other hand, was two weeks ahead of the Mustang. The Barracuda is one of the toughest and quickest fish in the water, and its name is just as suitable as the Mustang's. Even though the 'Cuda hasn't been seen in a long time, stories of its triumphant comeback continue to circulate.

    Ford Bronco


    Photo Credit: ford.com

    After a 25-year hiatus, Ford has brought this famous brand back to life. The Ford Bronco used to be America's favourite SUV, competing against off-roaders like the Jeep CJ-5 and the International Harvester Scout. The Bronco pursuit was shown live on television worldwide, with an estimated 95 million Americans tuning in!

    Ram pickup trucks

    Automobile companies not only name their vehicles after animals, but they also name their brands after them. Ram elected to preserve the "Ram" appellation as its official brand name despite being split off from the Dodge Ram pickup truck portfolio. This choice makes sense because the Ram pickup truck line portrays mountain rams' robust and rough nature.

    Sunbeam Tiger

    The renowned Roots Motors Ltd created this type. The Tiger is based on the Sunbeam Alpine Roadster from the 1950s and features a 4.3-litre engine (V8). As a result, the vehicle has a sleek appearance and exceptional racing performance. This model comes with a powerful motor that lives up to its tremendous name.

    Fiat Panda


    Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org

    When it comes to automobiles, the Panda is an odd name. This vehicle, however, was not named after the Panda. However, the car was given the name Empanda after a Roman goddess. Legend has it that she is the protector of travellers. Isn't it a fitting name for any dependable vehicle? This vehicle went under several different names before settling on Il Zero's nickname. It was also given the name Rustica later on. However, the Panda was introduced in 1980, and Fiat has sold over 7.5 million cars since then.

    Nissan Bluebird

    This automobile was noted for being somewhat charmless, despite its attractive, jaunty name. Hagerty said this model had excellent dependability and "ruthless efficiency" but was largely an "unloved success storey."

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