BMW Showcases the R5 Hommage Concept

BMW Motorrad has revealed the R5 Hommage concept. As the name suggests, the R5 Hommage is a tribute to the original R5 of the 1930s. The motorcycle is handcrafted from scratch and is being showcased at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Estate in Northern Italy.

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Published on May 23, 2016

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  • BMW reveals the R5 Hommage concept, a tribute to the old R5
  • The entire motorcycles was handcrafted by Noren brothers
  • The concept is powered by turbocharged 500cc boxer twin engine

The BMW R5 was one of the best-looking motorcycles to have even come out of its factory. Although the R5 went out of commission almost 60 years ago, BMW Motorrad decided to give it a fitting tribute, in the form of the gorgeous R5 Hommage concept.

With a design that harks back to the old R5 of the 1930s, BMW showcased the concept at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Estate in Northern Italy, an event where BMW has been showcasing concept motorcycles for the past three years.

The R5 Hommage is powered by an original 500cc boxer twin engine which is air-cooled, but BMW has supercharged the engine. Swedish custom builders Ronny and Benny Noren painstakingly rebuilt the engine as it had sustained serious damage in one of the exhibition races. The plans to rebuild the engine were laid down by a design team from BMW Motorrad.

(BMW R5 Hommage Details)
When it comes to engineering and performance, BMW would rather not do it if it is not done in the best way possible. The team put in a lot of effort and cut and shaped most of the engine parts from a solid billet. The frame, fuel tank and the rear fender are new but keep the spirit of the old R5 alive. The cylinder head covers and the front of the crankcase were also milled, keeping in mind the original design of the R5. The engine and gearbox internals too were handcrafted. The clutch and the brakes are mounted on the handlebar-ends, a throwback to the original R5.

(BMW R5 Hommage)

There is a good chance that the R5 Hommage might not make it to production. Although, three years ago, BMW Motorrad had showcased a concept called the 90 R nine T at the very same event. In due time, it was made into a production motorcycle. So we will cross our fingers and wish that the R5 Hommage comes into production, even if in limited numbers.
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