Indian Motorcycle Patents Reveal New Radar-Powered Safety System

The latest patents reveal new type of cornering light system that works with high beam, and can also be expanded with a radar or laser system.

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Published on July 3, 2021

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  • Indian patents show next-generation rider safety system
  • Cornering lights, radar-powered warning systems and more
  • As many as 21 sensors shown in what appears to be an Indian Roadmaster

Indian Motorcycle has filed patent which show the brand's latest cornering, radar and laser-assisted adaptive safety systems. The patent images show Indian's heavyweight touring motorcycle, which looks like a future Indian Roadmaster, which shows kitted out with additional sensors and control modules spread out across the bodywork. Clearly, the Roadmaster has plenty of space to space out these additional gizmos and sensors, including traffic sensitive radar, cornering lights, speed adaptive lights and more. In all, the latest patent filings show as many as 21 different sensors to measure distances for intelligent lighting control, and radar sensors.

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The patent filings show as many as 21 sensor spaced out across the body of the motorcycle

With the latest patent filings, Indian Motorcycle is perhaps experimenting with latest technology for future models, placing these 21 sensors around the bike for various purposes, including LIDAR sensors (Light Detection and Ranging), able to measure distances perhaps for intelligent lighting control, and radar sensors. With a combination of different kinds of sensors, Indian could offer a system that automatically maintains the distance to different vehicle types, and should be able to calculate and assess the distances in a group of motorcycles to the front, to the side and to the rear.

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At 30 kmph, the light cone is short and wide, lengthened and narrowed at 60 kmph and 90 kmph respectively.

The system could have different types of warning systems, to warn of dangerously close distances to other vehicles by means of various options, including warning lights flashing at different speeds in mirrors or instruments, but also vibrating areas in the seat which should signal dangers in the blind spot. The adaptive cornering light system shows how the system will work at three levels in which the range and width vary. At 30 kmph, the light cone is short and wide, lengthened and narrowed at 60 kmph and 90 kmph respectively.

The patent filings don't necessarily mean that all the systems will be used in series production. But it shows where developers are currently thinking, to develop the next level advanced rider assist systems.

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