TVS NTorq 125 Scooter Launch Highlights: Features, Images, Specifications, Price

Catch all the Live Updates from the upcoming TVS NTorq 125 scooter unveil here.

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TVS Motor Company has launched the all-new NTorq 125 scooter in the country, priced at ₹ 58,750 (ex-showroom, Delhi). The all-new TVS NTorq 125 offering is a sporty 125 cc scooter and was takes cues from the Graphite and Entorq concept showcased at the previous Auto Expos. It is also India's first scooter to get Bluetooth connectivity as well. The new scooter competes with the Honda Grazia and Suzuki Access 125 in the segment, but TVS says the NTorq boasts of better performance figures than both offerings. The new scooter uses a 125 cc 3-valve, single-cylinder engine tuned for 9.3 bhp and 10.5 Nm of peak torque, paired to a CVT unit.

Some of the salient features on the 2018 TVS NTorq 125 include a sporty design language, daytime running lamp, 12-inch alloy wheels with a front disc brake and an LED taillight. The scooter also comes with a mobile charging unit, external fuel fill cap, telescopic front forks, gas charged shock absorbers at the rear and an engine kill switch as well. There is also an all-digital LCD instrument console, which offers smartphone connectivity via Bluetooth, navigation assist, incoming SMS and call display, top speed recorder, lap timer, riding modes: Street and Sport, and a whole lot more.

TVS has managed to price the new NTorq 125 aggressively and the scooter will be available at dealerships soon. You can also check out the model at the upcoming Auto Expo 2018, which all set to commence on February 7, 2018.

Catch all the Highlights from the upcoming TVS 125 cc scooter unveil here:



Feb 5, 2018
Check out our 2018 TVS NTorq 125 launch report HERE.

Feb 5, 2018
The TVS NTorq is India's first Bluetooth enabled scooter.

It also gets an engine kill switch, which is a segment first feature as well.

Feb 5, 2018
Deliveries for the TVS NTorq 125 will commence soon.

The scooter is production ready and we will be riding it very soon as well.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS NTorq 125 Engine Specifications
Specifications on the TVS NTorq 125 include:

Engine: 124.79 cc, single-cylinder, 3-valve
Max Power: 9.3 bhp at 7500 rpm
Peak Torque: 10.5 Nm at 5500 rpm
Transmission: CVT
Top Speed: 95 kmph

TVS says the fuel efficiency on the new NTorq 125 is on par with the rivals.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS NTorq 125 Features
The TVS NTorq 125 will be available in four colours - Matte yellow, green, red and white

Features include:

1. Alloy Wheels
2. Tubeless Tyres
3. Telescopic Forks
4. Front Disc Brake
5. Mobile charging
6. In-Built Lap Timer
7. Multi-modes: Street and Sport
8. Top Speed Recorder
9. DRL
10. App assistance
11. 22 Litre storage space

The app is currently available only for Android devices. 
Feb 5, 2018
TVS is targeting to sell 200,000 units of the NTorq 125 scooter in the first year.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS NTorq 125 Prices
The TVS NTorq 125 has been priced competitively at Rs. 58,750 (ex-showroom, Delhi).

Feb 5, 2018
TVS NTorq 125 Competition Check
Here's a look at how the TVS NTorq fares against its competition.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS NTorq 125 Digital Console
The TVS NTorq 125 is India's first scooter to get Bluetooth connectivity. It uses an LCD screen, a large one at that and comes with a host of information including low battery indicator, fuel level, average speed, incoming SMS alert, caller ID and a lot more.

The system also supports navigation and will also show riding stats, last parked location and more.

Feb 5, 2018
The TVS NTorq 125 uses telescopic forks up front and gas charged twin shock absorbers at the rear. Couple that with large alloy wheels, the scooter is intended to perform like a motorcycle.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS NTorq 125 Ergonomics
TVS says the ergonomics have been tuned for an aggressive riding stance, while offering a comfortable position at the same time.

The suspension setup has also been worked to offer a balance between comfort and sporty riding.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS says the NTorq is much better than competition in terms of performance figures.

Yes! That's a daytime running lamp.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS NTorq 125 Engine Specifications

The new TVS NTorq 125 uses a 125 cc single-cylinder, 3-valve CVTi engine.

Max Power: 9.2 bhp
Transmission: CVT
Top Speed: 95 kmph
0-60 kmph in 9 seconds.

The manufacturer says that the scooter has been developed in collaboration with TVS Racing.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS says the NTorq 125 was previewed in the form of the Graphite concept and Entorq concepts at the previous Auto Expos.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS NTorq 125 Scooter
Here's a closer look at the all-new TVS NTorq 125 scooter.

What are your thoughts on the newest rival in the 125 cc segment.

Feb 5, 2018
Official: TVS NTorq 125
The new scooter has been christened  - TVS NTorq 125.

India's first Bluetooth enabled scooter with navigation assist.

Feb 5, 2018
India's first scooter to get Bluetooth connectivity
The new TVS offering will be India's first scooter to get Bluetooth connectivity. The company calls it 'TVS Smart Connect'.

Feb 5, 2018
The younger buyer is tech savvy, virtually connected and active on social media.

TVS calls them - 'The Gen Z'.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS 125 cc Scooter Target Audience
TVS' target audience is the 18-24 year old male, college student or young professional.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS says the scooter market largely has about 60 per cent customers that buy scooters for personal use, and 40 per cent customers who buy for family use.

Here's a break up of the scooter market in India.

Feb 5, 2018
"Today, out of every 3 two-wheelers sold in the country, 1 is a scooter." - Aniruddh Haldar, VP - TVS Motor.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS Motor - President, KN Radhakrishnan takes the stage.

Feb 5, 2018
And it begins
The TVS scooter unveil is now underway.

Make sure to keep watching this space for the all the details LIVE.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS Entorq Concept
Interestingly, TVS had also showcased a tech friendly scooter at the 2016 Auto Expo called the 'Entorq 210'.

Will there be any resemblance to that concept? We'll find out soon.

Feb 5, 2018
The press waits eagerly for the conference to commence.

Feb 5, 2018
Could be called TVS NTorq 125
While the upcoming scooter is said to be based on the TVS Graphite concept showcased at the 2014 Auto Expo, the production-spec scooter is rumoured to use the name 'TVS NTorq 125'.

Other possible names include the 'TVS N125' and TVS Graphite 125.

The company though is yet to confirm the same.

Feb 5, 2018
TVS released a teaser video of its upcoming scooter a few days ago revealing the taillight and exhaust note on the offering.

The new 125 cc scooter is expected to be sporty in its appeal.
Feb 5, 2018
The upcoming TVS scooter is expected to be a 125 cc offering. The company currently retails only 100-110 cc scooters in the market with popular offerings like the Scooty Zest, Jupiter, Wego and the likes.

The new 125 cc scooter will open a new chapter for the two-wheeler maker.
Feb 5, 2018
New TVS 125 cc Scooter
The proceeding are about to begin for TVS Motor Company's newest offering in the scooter segment.

This one could be a game changer.