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  • Very good experience of TUV 3OO

    This is baby of Mahindra Scorpio , same style same look and comfort also????
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  • T10 (O) (Diesel)

    TUV300 refresh -Super styling and excellent value for money

    Nitesh Goyal
    Excellent car with amazing styling. The new refresh really makes a huge difference with the killer front looks and the new rear looks. Love the X-shaped spare wheel cover - really adds a dynamic feel to the vehicle. Only issue is that there is no android auto/car play, but not at all a deal breaker for me, since I anyways use the infotainment mainly for Bluetooth music, which works like a charm here. Overall a superb vehicle.
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  • T8 100HP AMT (Diesel)

    Awesome Vehicle

    Raghavendra S
    Real Urban SUV. And Driving is so comfort with AMT, and you can ride on any road condition. MLD equipped TUV really rocks
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  • Best Price Worth Excellent Mini SUV

    Great Japenese Quality maintanined well built great Machine and price worth.
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  • T8 100HP Dual Tone (Diesel)

    I feel I am fooled by company

    The average of this vechile mentioned by company is totally fake , it wil not not give you more than 13 kmpl on out side of city, and dont ask to tell about its average in city. Secondly due to large sale vechile is not care fully inspected during servicing . There is vast difference in statemen given by sales people v/s servicing people. On some point we feel we are cheated.
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  • Stand out from the crowd in a macho yet sophisticated way

    Abhijit Lahiri
    TUV 300 allows you to stand out from the crowd. It is not a in your face macho car nor is it a car with lots of curves. Rugged looks have been married with sophistication and that makes TUV 300 a one of its kind vehicle on Indian roads. Car performance is just about adequate - there are times you will feel the lack of power but it is not a very over-riding factor. Unless and until you want a vehicle to do highway duty. In the city, this is a fantastic car to drive with enough power to thrill you. Overall driving experience of this SUV is satisfactory though certainly not awe inspiring. Build is solid and you really feel safe once inside the TUV. Gives you a great visibility of the road though people who are using this vehicle from a sedan will take some time to get used to the high stance. But once the initial phase is over, you would just love to drive from the commanding position. Not just in terms of looks it is smart, it is a very utilitarian vehicle. Instead of a longer length, this SUV is broad and that makes seating really comfortable. And if at times you need a couple of extra seats, the jump seats at the back come in handy. And with the jump seats up, there is huge luggage space, not just in width but in height also. Given the heavy weight, the vehicle is well planted on roads but certainly will not inspire confidence at turns at high speed. But then smart people do not try such stupid acts on roads. AC is superb and chills the cabin quite fast, even in sweltering Delhi heat. Not having any vent at the middle row is not much of a dampner. In the top end specs, features like turning lights, rear sensors and audio system are great safety and comfort features to have. Coupled with dual air bags. While it is not really car like to drive, at the same time it is quite easy to manouvre in traffic and turning the SUV in tight spaces is also not difficult. Overall it is a nice vehicle to own, gives you decent driving comfort, makes you feel safe and certainly makes you look stylish.
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  • T6 Plus (Diesel)

    I'm fleeing fool with Tuv300

    Moti lal
    If you buy Tuv300 then you'll need to go every week Mahindra service centre. This Suv not doing well. All time some suspensions, gear,clutch, modulator many more problems in this suv.
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  • Resale value is very bad

    This Suv is for all his compare his very good
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  • First Drive: Mahindra TUV300
    Sep 12, 2015 12:32 PM

    I've driven it, and I can say it with a large-heaped tablespoon of confidence - it's the best Mahindra yet. Considering what it is meant to be, it's a pretty darn good car too.