2017 T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship: Race Report

The fourth season of the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship saw intense competition in all the four races that were held on Sunday, 19th March, 2017. It was a great experience to see regular Indian truck drivers getting an opportunity to showcase their talent in front a huge audience.

By Kingshuk Dutta


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Published on March 20, 2017

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  • Pitambar from Uttar Pradesh won the Super Class category
  • Nagarjuna A from Andhra Pradesh won the Champion Class category
  • David Vrsecky from Czech Republic won both the Pro Class category races

The season 4 of the Tata Motors T1 Prima Truck Racing Championship had four races in total on the raceday. The first of the four races was the Super Class category for Indian drivers, which was won by 29-year old Pitambar, from Uttar Pradesh. The second and third positions on the podium were taken by Shivnihal Singh and Gurujant Singh from Uttar Pradesh as well. It was a 10-lap race, which saw a lot of sideways action and a bit of jostling between the trucks as well on the penultimate corner before the start-finish straight at the Buddh International Circuit. 

2017 t1 prima truck racing championship(Truck drivers lining up for the Super Class race at the Buddh International Circuit)

The circuit was shortened to 3.1km instead of the regular 5.13km for the T1 Prima truck racing championships. It was Pitamabar, driving the number 7 truck, which broke away from the rest of the pack at in the first couple of laps and lead all the way until the drop of the chequered flag. His fastest lap time was 1:50:950 with an average race speed of 99.86 kmph. The overall fastest lap time was recorded by Mubarik from Rajasthan, who clocked 1:50:677.

2017 t1 prima truck racing championship(Truck racers battling it out at Buddh International Circuit in the Champion Class Category)

The second race for the Indian drivers was the champion class drivers where in Nagarjuna A from Andhra Pradesh bagged the first position followed by Malkeet Singh and Bhag Chand taking up the second and the third positions respectively.

2017 t1 prima truck racing championship(Pitambar from Uttar Pradesh won the Super Class category race)

Up next was the first race of the Pro-Class, which saw international drivers taking centre-stage. It was also to serve as the qualifier for the final race for the overall championship. Although the race was scheduled for 10 laps, it was called off after lap number 6 when Ryan Smith's truck was stuck in the gravel trap at Corner 3. One could see a marked difference between the driving style of the Indian drivers and the International drivers. The racing lines taken, were different and there was a lot more controlled aggression, with neither driver wanting to give an inch to the other. So as it would happen, David Vrsecky, racing for Team Dealer Daredevils took the first position with Gerhard Korber and defending champion David Jenkins taking the second and the third position.

2017 t1 prima truck racing championship(David Vresecky driving the number 19 truck battling with Antonio Albacette in the number 20 truck )

In the last race for the day, the Pro Class drivers took to the track again for the overall championship in a 15-lap race. It was David Vrsecky again who emerged triumphant while Norbert Kiss and Gerhard Korber lapped up the second and third positions. The overall trophy went to David Vrsecky. The Pro Class races hosted six European drivers from the European Truck Racing Championships (ETRC) and six drivers from British Truck Racing Association (BTRA).

2017 t1 prima truck racing championship(David Vrsecky won the overall championship, winning both the Pro Class category races)

It was heartening to see Tata Motors' T1 Racer Program recognising the talent that exists in India as far as truck drivers are concerned. The company says that the T1 Racer Program (TRP) is one of the most comprehensive motorsports driver training and selection programs. The second edition of the TRP received over 3,300 applications. The 10 shortlisted truck drivers from these applications raced at the Super Class Race on the Raceday. The top Indian drivers from season 3 of the T1 Prima Truck Racing Championships raced at the Champion Class on the Raceday.

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