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Jan 29, 2022 06:00 PM

Kia Carens Review 2022: Petrol And Diesel MPV Driven | Complete Package | carandbike

There’s a new MPV in town and Kia India is the one bringing it in. The Carens looks good, is packed with features and you get a ton of options when it comes to the cabin colours and even powertrain and gearboxes. We drive both the petrol and diesel variant of the new Kia Carens to find out what it’s all about! ➡️ A NewAge MPV Kia Carens ➡️ Car for Global Markets - Kia Carens introduced by Siddharth Vinayak Patankar & Ameya Naik ➡️ The first time Kia Carens MPV will be made in India for the World ➡️ Siddharth review the Petrol variant while Ameya review the Diesel Automatic variant ➡️ Carens comes with a longer wheelbase, good ground clearance & roof rails ➡️ Carens cabin has varied two-toned interior colours ➡️ Kia goes big on features in the Carens ➡️ Kia Carens has multiple Tech features with a 10.25 infotainment system ➡️ Kia Connect has 66 features overall, available with 64 colour ambient lighting ➡️ Multiple USB charging points available in the Carens ➡️ The Carens get roof-mounted AC vents & Air Purifier ➡️ Lots of comfortable space for adults as well in the third row of the Kia Carens ➡️ Seats in the 3rd row of the Kia Carens recline by 33 degrees ➡️ Kia Carens offers individual A/C vents & reading lamps in the back rows ➡️ With three seater rows Carens has 216-litres of boot space, without the third row it is a 645-litres boot space ➡️ The second row in the New Carens also folds full flat - then offering a boot space of 1164-litres ➡️ Seats in the Carens are well-bolstered & ventilated ➡️ A good on-road experience of both the petrol & diesel variant driven ➡️ The ride quality is excellent with 3 driving modes: Eco, Normal & Sport ➡️ 6 Airbags are standard on the Carens ➡️ Kia is hoping for a robust Crash Rating ➡️ Carens to be launched in February 2022 Expected Price of Kia Carens: ₹ 16-20 Lakh 00:05 - New-Age Kia Carens Introduced 02:05 - Review of both Variants 02:45 - Styling of the Carens 05:38 - Cabin look & Tech features of the Kia Carens 07:30 - Tech features in the back rows of the Kia Carens 09:04 - Third row of the Kia Carens 10:34 - Carens Boot space 11:00 - Kia Carens Features Explained 11:50 - Kia Carens On-Road 16:30 - Safety of the Kia Carens 18:03 - Expected Price of the Carens Do visit our website http://bit.ly/CarandBike SUBSCRIBE to the carandbike YouTube Channel: For our channel for the latest videos on new automotive launches, reviews, news & updates: https://www.youtube.com/c/carandbike/... FOLLOW us on Social Media: carandbike on Twitter: https://twitter.com/carandbike carandbike on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carandbike carandbike on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carandbike/ #kiacarens #kiainindia #kiacarenslaunch #kiacarensindialaunch #kiacarensindiareview #kiareview #carenstechcheck #kiacarensreview #kiareviewindia #carensfeatures #kiacarenstechfeatures #kiacarenstechcheck #techcheck #kiacarensindia #kiacarensmpv #kiapetrolvariant #kiadieselvariant #kiacarensvariants #SVP #carandbike #cnb #cnbreivew