Honda Patents Reveal New Electric Motorcycle

Honda's latest patent filings show a retro-styled electric motorcycle which seems to borrow cycle parts from the Honda CB125R sold in Europe.

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Published on August 13, 2020

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  • Patent images reveal a new Honda electric motorcycle
  • The electric motorcycle will be based on the Honda CB125R chassis
  • So far, Honda has not officially confirmed the development

Latest patent images filed by Honda reveal a new electric motorcycle, which appears to be based on the Honda CB125R, sold in Europe. The patent images show a design inspired by the Honda Neo Sports Cafe, with similar chassis and cycle parts of the CB125R, although the design on the patent images is that of an electric motorcycle. The patent images reveal an almost fully finished motorcycle, so Honda may already be working on such an electric motorcycle, or Honda's R&D department may be even close to finalising it, rather than just a design exercise or a concept idea.

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The patent images reveal detailed drawings of the electric motor

The new electric motorcycle doesn't have a name yet, and Honda hasn't officially confirmed its existence so far, but the patent images clearly shows a frame and body from the CB125R, housing an electric drivetrain. That's not all; the patent images also reveal detailed drawings of the electric motor, revealing a motor with a large diameter and slim profile designed to fit into the small frame of the CB125R. The rest of the bike's frame, suspension and braking system looks uncannily similar to the internal combustion engine-d CB125R.

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The electric powertrain has a slim profile, to fit into the frame of the CB125R

So far, there is no word on the performance specifications, but it wouldn't be too far off the target to assume that the new electric motor will have similar performance as the 125 cc engine of the CB125R which makes around 13 bhp of power and has a top speed of 130 kmph. The electric version is likely to have a similar top speed, but likely to have quicker acceleration and higher torque figures. Considering the fact that the bodywork, chassis and suspension is already available in production, the development of the new electric motorcycle will not require a complete 'build from scratch' production cycle.

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While there are similar electric motorcycles from several brands globally, and even in India, like the Revolt RV400, an electric motorcycle targeted at urban mobility from a brand like Honda is almost certainly likely to garner a lot of consumer interest. We'll keep our eyes and ears open for any further development on this.


Last Updated on August 13, 2020

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