2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift Review: The OG Fun Hatch Still Has It!

The 2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift offers better efficiency, more features and a new engine. But is it still that fun-to-drive affordable little hatchback that everyone loved so much?



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Published on May 16, 2024

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  • The Maruti Suzuki Swift has been in the Indian market for nearly 20 years
  • The 2024 Swift gets new styling, more features and a new engine
  • The new Swift is priced from Rs. 6.49 lakh to Rs. 9.65 lakh

“You’re The Fuel!” – back in 2005, this was the tagline Maruti Suzuki India used for the first-generation Swift, and it was an apt one too. It was one of the first Indian hatchbacks that was built to experience the fun of driving. A true driver’s car for the masses. Fast forward almost 20 years, and now I am with the fourth generation of the Maruti Suzuki Swift. Now, although the market theme has changed today, according to the company the core message is still the same. 

But is the new-gen Maruti Suzuki Swift still that fun-to-drive affordable little hatchback that everyone loved so much? I recently spent some quality time with the new Swift to find an answer to that very question. 


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Looks & Size


Maruti Suzuki Swift 44

The new Swift looks sportier thanks to the prominent character lines and black styling elements


Now, the first time I saw the new Swift in pictures, I was not impressed. I felt like Maruti Suzuki went a bit overboard with the styling. However, when I saw the car in the flesh, my opinions started to change, and by the end of the day, the design grew on me. Maruti has gone with a wraparound design theme for the new Swift, which is why you’ll see a prominent beltline that adds a very interesting division between the lower body and the greenhouse of the car. This is further accentuated by the dual-tone black roof that you see on these two Sizzling Red and Luster Blue shades. The latter of course is one of the newer colours on offer, along with Novel Orange. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 42

Out of the 9 colour options, 3 comes with dual-tone treatment, including this Sizzling Red and Luster Blue shades


The bonnet is a bit more straight now and gets a clamshell design, with the Suzuki logo moving up to the body panel between the grille and the hood line. Reminds you of the older A-Star, doesn’t it? However, I am still a bit on the fence with this design choice. That said, I love the fact that all the chrome elements have been replaced by a glossy black treatment, which in addition to offering a sporty touch, also adds a contrast element. 


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Maruti Suzuki Swift 33

The rear door handle too has been repositioned to the conventional spot


The grille gets sharp 3-D elements that give the car an imposing look. In fact, at certain angles, it will remind of a certain British car brand that Swift has always been associated with. Also, the rear door handle too has been repositioned to the conventional spot. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 37

A set of new 15-inch dual-tone alloy wheels are also on offer


In terms of features, in this top-spec ZXI+ trims you get LED projector headlamps, new L-shaped LED daytime running lights, and a set of new 15-inch dual-tone alloys (I liked the older ones better). The rear taillamps are also new and come with a C-shaped light signature. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 43

The rear taillamps are also new and come with a C-shaped light signature


Coming to its size, compared to the outgoing model, the new Swift is 15 mm longer at 3860 mm, but 10 mm shorter in height at 1520 mm. But, as mentioned earlier, the width and wheelbase remain unchanged at 1735 mm and 2450 mm respectively. The bootspace too has been reduced by 3 litres, this is likely because of the lowered boot lip to make loading a bit easier. 


DimensionsNew SwiftOld Swift 
Length3860 mm3845 mm
Width1735 mm1735 mm
Height1520 mm1530 mm
Wheelbase2450 mm2450 mm


Cabin & Features


Maruti Suzuki Swift 30

 A lot of inspiration for the cabin design has been taken from the Baleno’s cabin


The all-black theme of the Swift’s cabin has been retained, however, the design has changed. You get a new dashboard that is now more oriented towards the driver and comes with new textured panels, which can also be seen on the doors. A lot of inspiration has been taken from the Baleno’s cabin, be it the in-car control buttons and switches or the AC vents, albeit here too the chrome bits have been replaced with glossy black elements. The seats have been redesigned with new fabric upholstery, however, the inadequate cushioning remains the same. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 18

The seats have been redesigned with new fabric upholstery, however, the cushioning remains the same


The new, bigger 9-inch touchscreen SmartPlay Pro+ infotainment system (also taken from the Baleno) is one of the big highlights of the new Swift. It’s quite intuitive, easy to use, and comes with both Apple Carplay and Android Auto with wireless connectivity. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 47

The 9-inch touchscreen SmartPlay Pro+ unit comes with wireless Apple Carplay and Android Auto


The system is also loaded with the updated Suzuki Connect system offering over 35 connected car features, along with Arkamys surround sense, and a wireless phone charger for the first time. There is a new instrument cluster as well, however, you still get analogue dials. Having said that the asymmetrical design gives it a fresh look, but the MID display in the middle still looks dated.  


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Maruti Suzuki Swift 16

The asymmetrical design gives it a fresh look, but the MID display in the middle still looks dated


The rear seat experience more or less remains unchanged offering decent space. Despite my bulky, 5.9-foot-tall stature, I was quite comfortable in the rear seat, and even with the driver seat set to my position, I had enough knee and legroom. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 21

The new Swift finally gets rear AC vents and rear USB ports as well


The under-thigh support could have been better nonetheless, you now finally get rear AV vents in a Swift, in addition to a couple more USB ports (both Type A and Type C). Overall, the upgrades made to the cabin are quite decent. 




Maruti Suzuki Swift 29

Standard safety features: 6 airbags, ESP, Hill Hold Assist, ABS with EBD, Brake Assist, rear parking sensors and ISOFIX


Safety has been given a huge priority in the new Swift, and the standard list of features now includes 6 airbags, an Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Hill Hold Assist, an Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) with Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD) Brake Assist, rear parking sensors and ISOFIX. All passengers now get 3-pointed seat belts with reminders, while additional safety features include a reverse camera featuring a wider view. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 22

Bharat NCAP is yet to crash test the new Swift


The Japan-spec model, which also comes with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) received a 4-star crash rating from the Japanese NCAP, however, the India-spec model is yet to be crash tested by Bharat NCAP, and a good rating will act in favour of the new Swift. 


Engine & Performance 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 32

The new 3-cylinder Z-Series engine replaces the older K-Series motor


So, let’s get to the heart of the matter. Under that hood is a new 1.2-litre petrol engine. Now, it is not the older K-Series engine from the previous Swift, but instead the new Z-series engine. What has changed? Well, it loses one cylinder, makes about 9 bhp less power, and the torque output has also been reduced by a couple of Nm. What you get in its stead is more fuel efficiency. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 2

The new Swift can return an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 25.75 kmpl 


As per Maruti, the AMT version of the new Swift can return an ARAI-certified fuel efficiency of 25.75 kmpl, while the manual version offers 24.80 kmpl. No doubt these are impressive claims, however, in the short time I had with the car, I couldn’t put these claims to the test, so that’s for a different date. However, given Maruti Suzuki’s track record, the numbers will certainly be in that ballpark. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 45


Coming to performance, those 80 horses produced by the new 1,197 cc, three-cylinder motor comes in at 5700 rpm, while the peak torque of 111 Nm kicks in around 4300 rpm. Yes, the drop in power and torque is certainly noticeable but Maruti has worked upon the low and mid-range performance of the car so it’s still peppy enough, and yes, still quite fun to drive. The three-pot motor builds up power nicely and also sustains it well. It only feels strained beyond 5500 rpm, and by then you will be well into the triple-digit numbers. 




Maruti Suzuki Swift 25

The gearbox is smooth and slick, and the gearshifts too are quick and precise


Now, starting with the manual version, it’s the same 5-speed manual gearbox we have seen in the older Swift, here too the unit does a fine job. The gearbox is smooth and slick, and the gearshifts too are quick and precise. And that is something that we like about Maruti cars, especially the Swift. The gear ratios have been set with efficiency in mind, so the first and second gears are tall, which also means you don’t need to do a lot of shifting in heavy traffic. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 15

I have always liked how Maruti Suzuki tunes its AMT units, and this new Swift is no different.


As for the automated manual transmission version, here you get a 5-speed unit, which Maruti calls - Auto Gear Shift or AGS. In general, I have always liked how Maruti Suzuki tunes its AMT units, and this new Swift is no different. They are usually better than most of the other manufacturers in this segment. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 6

The manual version of the new Swift compared to this AMT version


Now, the few negatives that AMTs have include the fact that they are not very engaging, and there is always a noticeable lag in shift, however, here Maruti has tried to minimise these aspects as much as possible. While driving in the city, with the usual traffic, the AMT unit performs quite nicely. Yes, the overtakes might not be as quick as you desire, but there is a manual mode as well if you wish to have better control. Having said that, I feel that the manual version of the new Swift compared to this AMT version. 


Ride & Handling 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 8

The harshness is kept to a minimum and I also like how silent the engine is


As for how the car performs on the road, the driving dynamics of the Swift is something that I have always liked, and this new Swift continues to impress me. The ride quality is quite plush, yes, it is a bit on the softer side, and when you go over bigger bumps and rough roads, the car will feel a bit bouncy, however, on usual tarmacs and concrete roads the ride is extremely comfortable. The harshness is kept to a minimum and I also like how silent the engine is. It’s extremely refined, and not much sound or vibrations seep into the cabin. 


Maruti Suzuki Swift 9

The car also corners quite decently, however, it could with better stability on the straight line


When it comes to handling too, the new Swift continues to impress. It feels planted and confidence-inspiring even at higher speeds. The car also corners quite decently, however, it could with better stability on the straight line. The steering is a bit light for my liking but weighs up a bit at higher speeds. However, I wish it offered more feedback though as before it still feels a bit wooden. That said, the manoeuvrability it offers in city and traffic conditions is a boon. 


Price & Verdict


Maruti Suzuki Swift 46

The new Swift is sporty, packs in more features, and the new petrol engine is both fun and efficient 


The 2024 Maruti Suzuki Swift is priced between Rs. 6.49 lakh and Rs. 9.65 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). It is quite sporty, packs in more creature comforts and tech, and the new petrol engine offers a good balance between performance and efficiency. However, while the pricing is certainly attractive when we look at the competition, Maruti Suzuki could have been a bit more aggressive. 


New Swift Prices (Ex-showroom)
Manual VariantPriceAGS Variant 
LXIRs. 6.49 lakh--
VXIRs. 7.30 LakhVXI AGSRs. 7.80 Lakh
VXI(O)Rs. 7.57 Lakh VXI(O) AGSRs. 8.07 Lakh
ZXIRs. 8.30 LakhZXI AGSRs. 8.80 Lakh
ZXI+Rs. 9.00 LakhZXI+ AGSRs. 9.50 Lakh
ZXI+ Dual ToneRs. 9.15 LakhZXI+ AGS Dual ToneRs. 9.65 Lakh


You see, 5 or maybe 10 years ago, for anyone who was looking for a fun, affordable, and feature-packed hatchback, going with the Swift would have been a no-brainer. But today the situation is different. Today there is no dearth of capable, feature-rich cars in the Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 12 lakh space, and this includes the Swift's very own sibling, the Baleno.


Maruti Suzuki Swift 12

The Swift is still that fun little hatch, but the competition for it is tougher than ever


So, to answer the question I asked, yes, the new Swift certainly qualifies to be still called a fun-to-drive affordable little hatchback that we have come to love. However, today the competition for it is tougher than ever. 

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