Hyundai IONIQ5 N Review: Is This Really An EV?

The Hyundai IONIQ5 N is the more powerful, performance-oriented sibling of the IONIQ 5 EV that is sold in the Indian market. The car made its global debut recently and we were in Seoul, South Korea to sample it.

By Shams Raza Naqvi


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Published on January 27, 2024

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  • The IONIQ 5 N has a bigger battery pack when compared to standard IONIQ 5
  • The car is lower, wider and longer than the IONIQ 5
  • N sound mode and e-shift are some unique features of this electric car

What happens when the high-performance N brand from Hyundai with its rich motorsport heritage meets the group's electrified global modular platform? Well, a car like the IONIQ 5 N is born. This one gets some crazy tech and promises to change from beauty to beast in a matter of seconds. We were in cold and snowy Seoul, the capital of South Korea to sample this car that at many times refuses to behave like an EV.




The car goes from 0-100 kmph in just 3.4 secs and reaches a top speed of 260 kmph. 


Any car that aims to be a performance vehicle needs to give you a good, healthy boost of power; that is exactly what the IONIQ 5 N does. You have a bigger battery pack when compared to the regular version of the car. The 84-kWh battery pack ensures that dual motors here make a maximum power of 600 bhp along with 735 Nm and it doesn’t stop there because for 10 seconds you get an N grin mode which gives an additional 50 bhp. Owing to this, the car goes from 0-100 kmph in just 3.4 secs and reaches a top speed of 260 kmph. The dual motors can go up to 21,000 rpm which is indeed a crazy number. 


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The body structure has been reinforced and there are more welding points here.


A lot of changes have been made to the IONIQ 5 N when compared to the standard version of the car. The body structure has been reinforced and there are more welding points to make the setup more rigid. The motor and battery mounting too have been reinforced to withstand higher electric motor torque. Everything feels tauter and tighter here so you can enjoy the drive a lot more when compared to the standard version of the EV.



Different modes let you choose between more power and longer range. 


For quick acceleration, the car gets N Launch control with 3 traction levels while a track state of charge system helps in calculating battery consumption per lap.  An advanced battery thermal management system helps in resisting power degradation in demanding situations like on a racetrack. In the N race feature, you can also choose between a Sprint mode for more power delivery and an Endurance mode for a longer range while doing the laps.  Engineers have put in their efforts to give you a car that performs well on the roads as well as on the racetrack, and that shows. 


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N sound mode is one of the highlights of this EV.


Some cool features come in this car will almost make you believe that you’re not driving an electric vehicle. There’s an N sound mode which has 3 levels including a supersonic mode. So you’re not exactly getting a silent drive on this car if you want; press a button on the steering wheel, press the throttle and you get a cabin full of the same sound you expect out of a sportscar. This is achieved through many speakers installed inside and outside the car.


e-shift feature lets you have the same feeling of driving an 8-speed DCT.


Then there’s the e-Shift feature which almost turns this car into a manual gearbox vehicle. You can take control of the gear changes through the paddle shifts that are given to the steering wheel. So you get the same feeling of driving an 8-speed DCT. Precise control over power delivery and simulation of gearshifts makes the experience rather unique, one which will impress even the biggest of enthusiasts. Along with N sound, this contributes to giving a very different experience while driving an EV.


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Rally-inspired handling is what Hyundai claims on the IONIQ 5 N. 


A wheelbase of 3,000 mm also helps in giving a car stability even at high speeds. Rally-inspired handling is what Hyundai claims on the IONIQ 5 N and the fantastic response and feedback of the steering plays a part there. The electronic limited-slip differential (e-LSD) at the rear axle enhances cornering performance, agility, and control. The N Torque Distribution system also helps in the cornering capability of this dual-motor AWD car. Hyundai says, the regeneration system too has been reimagined to improve the braking performance. 




The claimed range on the Hyundai IONIQ 5 N  is 450 kms. 


The IONIQ 5 N of course is tuned more for performance, so you cannot really expect a range that is as high as the one on the standard version of the car, but here too the numbers are quite decent. While the claimed range is 450 km, it depends on the drive mode (Eco, Normal, and Sport) that’s been chosen.  We started in the Eco mode with 100 % battery, and it was showing about 365 km of available range. With the battery almost half consumed, at around 54 % state of charge, 180 km range was still on offer. Using a 350-kW fast charger you can go from 10-80 % in just 18 mins and the vehicle-to-load feature continues to be an asset here. 




The car gets a new grille with N badging and orange accents. 


When compared to IONIQ 5 the N is 20 mm lower, 50 mm wider, and 80 mm longer. Visually there are many differences including a new grille that gets N badging and orange accents. Big air intakes are provided for cooling the brakes while the wheels too are one size bigger (21-inch) when compared to the IONIQ 5. At 400 mm the discs are bigger as well, and orange calipers add to the sporty quotient. 


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Disc brakes and wheels are bigger when compared to Ioniq 5. 


The rear too gets a lot of differences which include a big spoiler on the top and the chequered flag-style lights below the signature tail lamps. Almost all design elements are functional, air curtains and air flaps on the front along with a wing-type spoiler and rear diffuser ensure better air control and therefore superior aerodynamics. Internationally you can choose from 10 colour options on the IONIQ 5 N.


Tech & Interior 


An all-black theme works perfectly for a performance EV. 


The cabin of the IONIQ 5 N is as sporty as you want your performance car to be. You get an all-black theme that is sort of expected but what I liked is the quality of the fit and finish. A highlight is the N seats, which hold you tightly. You also get N sport pedals which is a nice touch. 


Fit and Finish is of high quality inside the IONIQ 5 N.


Ergonomically this cabin works well for the driver as a lot of controls are given on the steering wheel. The centre console gets knee pads and shin support while you also get wireless charging and the use of sustainable materials all over the cabin. Then you have the twin screens as a part of a single unit. The digital cluster and the touchscreen system give a lot of vital information and are easy to use. 




The Hyundai Ioniq 5 N can play multiple roles to perfection. 


This EV can be a commuter when you want it to, and it can also give a sportscar feel when you desire for it. The N brand is yet to make its debut in India, so for now it's unlikely that this car will be launched here, but we will not stop hoping.

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