Mahindra XUV 7XO, XUV 5XO, XUV 3XO & XUV 1XO Names Trademarked

New nomenclatures could be used to rebrand the existing XUV range and suggests Mahindra could enter new SUV segments

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Published on March 13, 2024

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  • XUV 5XO, XUV 1XO hint at possible new compact and micro SUVs
  • New nomenclatures could be used for Mahindra's ICE range in the future
  • Mahindra to debut first of its born electric SUVs by end-2024

Mahindra has applied for trademarks for what appears to be a new line of products. The company has filed for trademarks for the names XUV 7XO, XUV 5XO, XUV 3XO and XUV 1XO. The naming format shares some similarities to the XUV700, XUV500 and XUV300 with the names ending with a ‘O’.

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The filing of trademarks is nothing new with manufacturers regularly applying for new trademarks or renewing existing trademarks to keep hold of names. Some names end up being used in production while others are simply put away for possible use at a later date. The new nomenclatures thus could be used for the brand’s future models or could amount to no more than holding the rights to the name.

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New nomenclature could be used for the brand's internal combustion XUV range


Given the similarity of the names to Mahindra’s existing internal combustion models, the new nomenclatures could be used to rebrand the brand’s SUVs following either a major mid-lifecycle update or the launch of a new-gen model. The names also suggest the possible development of two new SUVs - the XUV 5XO and the XUV 1XO. The former could be an all-new model to sit below the XUV700 in the popular compact SUV space while the XUV 1XO could hint at a micro-SUV to go up against the Tata Punch and Hyundai Exter.

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Mahindra could also use the names to brand its future range of all-electric SUVs though nothing can be confirmed at this point.

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Production-spec XUV.e8 set to debut by end-2024


Mahindra has a host of new electric SUVs in the works under the Born Electric and the XUV.e brands set to debut in the coming years. Moreover, the brand has the XUV.e8 coming up as early as the end of 2024. The e8 is set to be followed by a coupe-styled e9 electric SUV under the XUV.e brand in 2025 which will be followed up by the compact BE 05 and the larger BE 07.

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