Mahindra Showcases New Visual Identity For Its Electric Vehicles

The Mahindra Thar.e concept showcased at the event will be the first vehicle to bear the brand’s new visual identity

By Yash Sunil


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Published on August 15, 2023

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  • Mahindra showcases new visual identity for its electric vehicles
  • The new brand identity replaces the twin-peaks logo
  • The Thar.e will be the first vehicle to embrace the new visual identity of Mahindra's electric vehicles

At the Mahindra Futurescape event in Cape Town, South Africa, Mahindra showcased its new visual identity for its upcoming range of electric vehicles. An infinity logo that is finished in white will replace the twin-peaks logos finished in copper for all future EVs from the brand. Furthermore, the brand also states that the new visual identity will serve as a hallmark for quality and innovation, symbolising a blend of revolutionary engineering, cutting-edge technology, and environmental responsibility, while offering a distinct and appealing option for those driven towards a sustainable future. 


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The Indian automaker has also accentuated the elements of the new identity, and here is what each aspect of the logo means.


  • The infinity symbol – Represents the constant flow of energy, the fluid synergy of the driver and the SUV in multisensory harmony.


  • The racetrack - Highlights the racing pedigree imprinted in Mahindra’s DNA and the pursuit of electrified performance.


  • The circularity of intelligent sustainability – Powered equally by science and creativity towards a positive planet.


  • The Mahindra ‘M’ rock-solid heritage is reimagined for next-generation mobility.


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Pratap Bose, chief design officer, Mahindra & Mahindra, said, “The new identity is a visual exploration of different dimensions, proudly showcasing our all-new global electric range. The new visual identity will address a global audience with its deep symbolism. The infinity sign represents the constant flow of energy; the racetrack denotes our racing pedigree and the exhilaration of performance, and the circularity indicates intelligent sustainability, which is powered equally by science and creativity towards a positive planet. This new identity is future-facing, sustainable, distinctive, and fun!”


Last Updated on August 15, 2023

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