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  • feel the race...

    i have rs200 blue and white...but i am sure this bike is gona to rule in their segment...look/price/fit in every respect its super......if u really thinking for sport bike go for it...... some people think about average, so i will tell them for sports bike its ohk if u r getting more than 16-17kmph...and the best part of it, its dual abs.....go for it
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  • STD BS IV (Petrol)


    Cool. And also expecting a 1000cc bike from tvs
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  • Looking very good

    Amit Rore
    looking and controlling very good
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  • Bhayanak

    Lala raathi
    Nice and bhayanak bike. Vroom...Vroom.!!!
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  • Do not buy this bike

    Service not proper Don't have technicians to fix the problem DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BIKE i have this bike and I'm facing lots of problem Total waste of money
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  • Half baked Stunning beautiful bike

    Recently thought of buying 300 CC bike. Immedietely came to my mind, Apache Red 310 RR. I went showroom to test ride this beast. Acutally, it was big dissapointment. The only way you need to pay 5K more to for slipper clutch to get rid of gear shift at low speed. Very pathetic gear shift in stock clutch. I did not expect any new bike will do perform like this in mechanical side. Even, brake i donot feel dual channel ABS kicking in. Brake was not sharp either. Like this bike, we expected to get fun while do start throttle from nil speed to top gear. Bur, in this bike , big annoying this is that one would really get irritating while rev up. The NVH test did nit do properly to arrest vibration. All I can say, TVS much interested to push vehicle in earlier in market. But, TVS used very quality product when compare to his rivalry. Pros : High quality buid material, Austhetic design, Stunning looks. Cos : poor performance, poor ride quality, stock clutch harder, Vibrating like hell, exhaust is not pleasang, very piching noise. I give 2 start only for austhetic stunning look. Still the exterior design, this is the best. Overall verdict, if you buy and plan to keep it in your pooja room. You can buy it.
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  • STD BS IV (Petrol)

    Will be Biggest flop

    Apache-310cc@2.05lackh,uncomfortable seating for pilian,19kmpl,copy of gixer look,plastic body, Thuderbird-350cc@1.45lakh,comfortable seating,45kmpl,everyone tryied to copy look,solid royal build quality Conclusion is that...automotive industry didn't understood this point that if they want to cell above 1lakh bike,then they must understand fact that this much money can be used by salried/business class,means he needs comfortable seating for 2-3persons, The day they will understand this...their sale will be increased
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    • 16-Sep-19 12:13 PM
      i own an RR310 for almost an year now, it is nothing like what you said, this one the best motor cycles out there
    • 16-Sep-19 12:13 PM
      another RE fan boy....(sigh)
    • 25-Feb-19 01:13 PM
      copy of gixxer? have you been under a rock??
    • 16-Sep-19 12:13 PM
      dude try for comedy show all the bst.
    • 16-Sep-19 12:13 PM
      bro...are u sitting in your room and looking at its photos??
    • 16-Sep-19 12:14 PM
      u r funny man bro...
    • 16-Sep-19 12:14 PM
      HAHAHA, your speech is like my parents, its only for youngster not for family man (Will be Biggest flop - its going to rule and made a milestone in sports bikes).
    • 16-Sep-19 12:14 PM
      no bro....its awesome bike...if u r going for sports bike, do u think about pillion? pillion is ok man...feel the race, i bet this is one of the best bike.......u want every thing in less money which is only dream....better use scooty, everything u will get, space, pillion seat, mileage etc..
    • Perfect Balance of Most of the required features, only excess of Beauty :)

      I have observed reviews of RR 310 for almost an year & then took the plunge to get RR 310 a month ago. I haven't left probably an single review on youtube too :) Now i previously owned an RTR 160 for 10 years (earlier flagship of TVS a decade ago) & without even single breakdown, did all hilly terrain or highways upto 300 km a day on weekends. It never failed. Impressed by legacy of RR160, had plan to own rtr 200 (the couple of year old flagship), but then rr301 was declared, so it's a latets flagship of the company whose 10 year old product was doing wonders till now for me, add to that BMW engineering (big bonus) + extra 1.5 lacs worth investment in design , R & D per bike, 35 years of TVS experience, you are never going to get a product less than near perfect all rounder. I can drive it at 7-10 kmph in traffic, i can maneuver it at will (though it's big), it's shockers & ride quality is so plush, you feel pothole are half the actual size, It can overtake 99 % vehicle on road when you wish, & at each signal it's the best looking bike , arguably. Now Mileage 30 kmpl without 1st service, when speed is 45-75 kmph, & when 70-110 kmph, mileage is 25 kmpl, Over all 27 kmpl for initial 300 kms, not bad for a performance sports tourer, It can go slow, its sports bike yet comfortable, it's heavy not yet too heavy to take life out of you when pulling, It's forgiving, you make some silly mistake & it gives you chance to correct it, it won't afraid you, it's powerful but under your command. BALANCE. It looks suave not a hooligan , rides suave too, so it reflects your personality. there are 4 better performers at extra cost, but then the cost is whopping 1 lakh for ninja 300 & r3. Close rival in cost RC 390 is faster powerhouse but not comfortable, & tough to handle in slow traffic, then looks & feel wise RR 310 is WINNER for me. Dominar performs similar but doesn't look 75 % as premium as this though cost of dominar is less too. So RR 310 is in balance with dominar, RC/duke 390, NInja 300 & R3 on other ends due to cost, handling, performance, weight , mileage. Looks is where it outshines others & it matters when you are riding a 2 lakh bike & it pays too :) if you out & out fast rider go for duke 390/ rc 390 for little extra money, but comfort, mileage further goes down & chances of errors are less too for the power they offer For more refinement, you can go for ninja 300 & r3 by paying additional money- 1 lakh approx, they still don't look this great :). they perform better surely but then cost difference is huge. RR 310 is adequately costly for the value all-rounder it brings for your money.
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    • This third class bike If u compare with any other 300cc

      Mutthqeen Kazi
      This is worst bike in 300cc Bike’s. Useless bike I have this bike I’m FedEx frm this bike Dnt take this bike
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    • STD BS IV (Petrol)

      Worst dont buy

      Mayur borhade
      Its worse not good at all i am driving from last 4 months no performance nothing its not even crossing 160 speed i am now legally going to file a complaint against them. And also have lots of issues. Regards, Mayur borhade
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    • colour option

      I want to buy this bike but I am confused which colour is better black or red
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    • STD BS IV (Petrol)


      Nice fit and finish especially tail lamp and speedometer.
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    • STD BS IV (Petrol)

      Perfect Sports bike

      Coffee guy
      If you are a racer, you will get to know the benefits of the pure race craft. This is not just a Race Machine, it's a Pure Race Craft. Best one to buy
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    • STD BS IV (Petrol)

      This bike is not for uncles

      I have seen few uncles comparing RR310 with touring bikes. This is a sports bike and these bikes are built to carry their girlfriend's in pillion seats and not aunties ;) you will get tonnes of girlfriend's just by it's stunning looks. Grow up guys, it's an Indian bike
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    • Engine is not as refined as it should be in BMW

      Remember TVS spectra. This model from TVS will also be failure due to the following reasons. TVS have perfectly copied from lot of motorcycles but ultimately failed in the exam. That is the case of the Apache 310 RR from TVS. What good is a vehicle which only looks good but does not have a refined engine? Cons: Engine is not refined when compared to the Yamaha R15 series and its siblings. Engine is not par with the name BMW has going by what we see other BMWs on road. TVS XL super 50 and Heavy duty have better refined engines than the Apache 310 RR. Atleast the Apache RTR 180's engine is more refined when compared to this one. Could have been a street bike instead of racing model. Should have been on the same line of the APache RTR 180 or 200. Pros: Top notch styling of the bike.
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    • I love it

      This version is best version for tvs
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    • Worst built quality

      Subham chakraborty
      Cheap plastic has been provided in these shitty waste of money..real shame Even the demo bikes of 310rr were facing vibration issues.. Don't buy it fellas
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    • STD BS IV (Petrol)


      Very nice experience to have ride with newly launched Apache RR310.
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    • Do not Judge by the price.

      Mathew s
      I just got RR310 week back, price is not too high for sport bike with meger with BMW. For all those who thing it is uncomfortable to seat, it is absolutely fails,you need to raid it then only you can feel it. Overall bike is super cool, enjoying ever moment of it while raiding.This bike is crowd puller, I have never seen many people getting attracted to this bike compare to others, just go for it
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      • 26-Mar-18 01:29 PM
        Hi Bro, I have booked it and waiting for the Beast. Can u help in following issues how you overcome? 1) Vibration: 2) Heating issue: 3) Right Side Pulling issue: 4) Clutch issue: 5) City Mileage: 6) Highway mileage:

      Manav Mehta
      Osm bike lots of features both front and back abs nice grafix Cool sports bike and Black one is osm
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    • Good looking

      Good looking and good power delivery Quality making
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    • STD BS IV (Petrol)

      What a bike ????

      Vishal Sagar
      All in one this bike
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