BMW Motorrad Unveils The 2023 BMW M 1000 RR

The new M 1000 RR is more than just a carbon fibre upgrade to the 2023 S 1000 RR.

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Published on October 13, 2022

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  • The 2023 M 1000 RR gets a thoroughly reworked aero profile.
  • Despite having the same power, the 2023 M 1000 RR gets a higher top speed, all thanks to improved aerodynamics.
  • It gets the same 999 cc which puts out 209.1 bhp & 113 Nm torque.

The BMW M 1000 RR was BMW M’s first motorcycle. The performance division of the German brand has been making upgraded - and sometimes bespoke - performance cars for 50 years, but it only ever made one motorcycle. The M 1000 RR was based on the S 1000 RR, but the last generation model only had some carbon fibre upgrades to the already extravagant S 1000 RR, and wasn’t all that special, though it commanded a big premium over the S.

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BMW M 1000 RR

The 2023 BMW M 1000 RR gets a thoroughly reworked aero profile.

Enter the 2023 M 1000 RR. Based on the 2023 S 1000 RR, the new M 1000 RR gets multiple unique touches which help it stand out from its normal sibling. It is shod in exposed carbon fibre, but that comes as no surprise. The interesting details are the reworked aerodynamic elements of the superbike, and it gets plenty of them.

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BMW M 1000 RR

The upgraded winglets provide downforce when the bike is upright as well as when leaning.

"We have achieved an engineering masterpiece in the aerodynamic development of the M RR due to our unwavering ambition, total passion and technical finesse,” Christian Gonschor, Project Management M 1000 RR said. “Thanks to countless hours in the wind tunnel as well as in road tests, we were able to considerably increase the top speed with unchanged engine output and at the same time significantly increase the downforce, also when banking in corners,” he added.

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5 BMW M 1000 RR 2022 10 13 T05 45 51 909 Z

The BMW M 1000 RR gets a big air intake between the split LED headlamps.

The peak output for the 999 cc engine has remained unchanged from the previous M RR at 209.1 bhp at 14,500 rpm & 113 Nm torque at 11,000 rpm. But the top speed has increased from 306 kmph to 314 kmph, all thanks to the revamped aero profile. BMW M has also completely revised the M winglets, which now produce more downforce. The chassis of the new M 1000 RR also relies on the aluminium bridge frame as its centrepiece, supplemented by an upside-down fork and central suspension strut with Full Floater Pro kinematics.

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2 BMW M 1000 RR 2022 10 13 T05 05 13 406 Z

BMW M has revised the carbon fibre winglets, which now produce more downforce.

BMW M says that the central point in optimising the entire aerodynamics was the area of the front wheel. The superbike now also features carbon fibre brake cooling ducts which are integrated into the new front mudguard and are optimised for improved airflow around the fork legs and brake calipers. And who could miss that big air intake right between the split LED headlamps. The motorcycle - for the first time in the history of BMW Motorrad - now also gets aero wheel covers offer reduced air resistance, especially at speeds exceeding 250 kmph. But they are reserved only for the M 1000 RR M Competition. 

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6 BMW M 1000 RR 2022 10 13 T05 47 18 268 Z

The M RR M gets carbon fibre wheel covers which offer added wind resistance at higher speeds.

Apart from the carbon fibre body work, the M 1000 RR also gets carbon fibre wheels. But with some people concerning over the longevity of the same, BMW M is now also offering forged wheels, but those will obviously be heavier than carbon fibre wheels, and hence are not standard. Apart from the 2023 M 1000 RR, BMW M has also unveiled M 1000 R, which is a similar upgrade to the S 1000 R naked litre-class superbike. This is only the second bike by BMW M, and you can read more about it here.


Last Updated on October 13, 2022

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