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This Mumbai Three-Wheeler With A Washbasin, Sanitiser, Wi-Fi & More Leaves Anand Mahindra Impressed

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Called Mumbai's First Home System Auto, this three-wheeler is equipped with a Wi-Fi, a desktop, smartphone charging, Bluetooth speakers, a washbasin and more.

The three-wheeler from Mumbai is equipped to offer a sanitised experience to its passengers expand View Photos
The three-wheeler from Mumbai is equipped to offer a sanitised experience to its passengers


  • The Home Based three-wheeler plys in the suburbs of Mumbai
  • It comes equipped with a washbasin, sanitiser, Wi-Fi, and drinking water
  • It also has COVID-19 helpline information painted on the soft-top

While movies tend to show a dystopian world set in the future that requires cars built like tanks, the Coronavirus pandemic has put the real world in a similar position, which has required people to make some handy vehicle modifications of their own. While these aren't tanks, they do come with utility upgrades to fight the COVID-19 crisis. Sharing an innovative example of the same recently was Anand Mahindra, Chairman, Mahindra Group, who tweeted a video of a three-wheeler in Mumbai that has received such modifications in order to provide a 'swachh' or clean experience to its passengers. It is called 'Mumbai's First Home System Auto'

Created by Satyawan Gite, the three-wheeler is equipped with potted plants, a green carpet, as well as segregated dustbins - wet and dry - placed in the three-wheeler. What's really interesting is the addition of a washbasin complete with a small water tank and a mirror. We can also point out a liquid handwash soap dispenser and a hand sanitiser, both of which have been strapped in place. A closer look inside further reveals several features including Wi-Fi service, a desktop, smartphone charging, mobile-connected TV, Bluetooth speakers, purified water for drinking, and a cooling fan.

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Created by Satyavan Gite, the driver offers free rides to newly-married couples, while senior citizens get a free ride up to 1 km

The three-wheeler also promises free ride for up to one kilometre for senior citizens, while newly-married couples will be ferried free of cost. The driver will also provide advice about fitness. For those who aren't travelling by the three-wheeler, the soft-top acts as a massive hoarding carrying important Coronavirus-related information. This includes the BMC COVID-19 helpline number (1916) in with instructions in both English and Marathi, as well as a thank you note to the frontline warriors that have been working hard 24x7 to contain the spread of the virus.

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The three-wheeler also offers Bluetooth speakers, mobile charging, purified drinking water and even free fitness advice


Mahindra's tweet has gone viral and has garnered over 3500 retweets and over 21,600 likes on the social media platform. While the Home System three-wheeler has been around since last year, the COVID-related upgrades are a recent addition. It's also a prime example of what we as citizens can do to ensure the curve is flattened. For the rest of us, it is important that we maintain social distancing and choose to wear a mask whenever we step out of our homes. That's the only way each of us can contribute to the fight against this pandemic.

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