Comprehensive List Of Car Automakers Offering Support To Those Affected By Cyclone Michaung

Many automakers such as MG, Toyota, Mahindra, Maruti Suzuki and more are extending their support to the customers affected by the flash floods caused by cyclone Michaung

By Yash Sunil


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Published on December 15, 2023

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  • The cyclone hit Chennai and other neighboring districts on December 5, 2023
  • Many automakers are offering free RSA, discounts on service and more to affected customers
  • Here’s a comprehensive list of all the car makers extending their support

On December 5, 2023 parts of Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu state and other neighboring districts were severely affected by cyclone Michaung submerging nearly half of the city. In an aid to help customers affected by the flash floods, many automotive giants in India are offering their support to its customers. 


MG Motor India 

MG Motor India is offering extensions on roadside assistance, annual maintenance contracts, warranties, and extended warranties expiring between December 1 and December 31, 2023. Moreover, the brand is extending its support by offering around-the-clock assistance with a dedicated 24x7 helpline number for the affected customers. Customers can avail of these services by reaching out on 1800 100 6464. The brand has stated that all these emergency assistive measures shall remain active until the situation normalises.


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Renault India

As part of their comprehensive support initiative, Renault is providing free-of-cost roadside assistance to facilitate the transportation of vehicles to the nearest dealerships. Additionally, the company has committed to reimbursing towing costs incurred by customers who independently arranged transportation. To expedite the recovery of flood-affected vehicles across Tamil Nadu, Renault has deployed an additional fleet of 15 towing trucks. Acknowledging the urgency, Renault has reinforced its 24x7 helpline team with additional resources to handle the surge in requests efficiently, ensuring prompt assistance for customers.


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Jeep and Citroen

In response to the disaster, the brands are expediting insurance processing, allowing vehicle owners to visit the dealership with essential documents for a quick resolution. Additionally, there is a commitment to the timely availability of genuine spare parts, streamlining repairs, and minimising downtime. Jeep and Citroen claim that they are prioritising repairs through their network of insurance partners, facilitating a faster claims process.  Moreover, The brands are also offering complimentary 40-point vehicle check-ups, with appointments available for a thorough examination. In the event of a total loss, a special offer on a new Jeep or Citroen car is also being offered.


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Toyota Motors

Toyota service centres will be working extended hours to ensure owner vehicles are back on the road. Dealers are also offering pick-up and drop services at the customer's doorsteps. The special Hilux pickups are doing the necessary work of bringing the damaged vehicles to the service centres. Leadership teams and technicians are on-ground to provide the necessary support to Toyota customers. Moreover, Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker India Private Limited (TTIBI) has been actively involved in communicating essential information to customers regarding the precautions and guidelines for their vehicle handling during flood situations."


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Mahindra and Mahindra

Mahindra has announced an extensive support program, offering complimentary Roadside Assistance (RSA) to tow affected vehicles to the nearest Mahindra-authorised workshop. Notably, this service is being extended to all SUV owners, even those without an active RSA subscription. The carmaker added that it will also undertake comprehensive inspection of vehicles damaged by the cyclone and resulting floods free of cost as well as provide discounts on the customer liability component of the repair invoice.


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Maruti Suzuki

Post-cyclone, Maruti Suzuki has collaborated with dealer partners and implemented various measures at its workshops. The company has assigned area-specific Service Managers to aid distressed customers, ensuring direct and prompt communication channels. Additionally, 46 tow trucks have been deployed from neighbouring cities, along with the activation of 34 Maruti road side assistance vehicles for rapid response.


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Nissan Motors 

The automaker has implemented various measures to support owners whose vehicles have been damaged by the floods. Nissan is offering free vehicle towing services to affected customers through its roadside assistance network, ensuring transportation to nearby workshops. Additionally, the company is facilitating faster insurance claims for its customers. To further aid those impacted, Nissan has established a dedicated helpdesk for affected customers, encouraging them to seek support by contacting the call centre at 18002093456. In terms of vehicle servicing, Nissan is providing a 10% discount for customers opting for floor carpet replacement within the next two months. As part of its support initiatives, Nissan is also offering a 10% discount for customers seeking replacement of engine oil and filter during servicing within the next two months.


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Tata Motors

The Indian automaker has announced the implementation of a comprehensive service plan that will be available for both internal combustion and electric vehicles. The automaker has set up a dedicated helpdesk, and customers can reach out at 1800-209-8282 to seek assistance during an emergency. The service support program includes an extension of warranty and service periods for customers in the region. This includes the standard and extended warranty, as well as the annual maintenance contract and free service period for the vehicles affected in the region. The extension will apply to contracts expiring between December 1-15, 2023, and will be valid up till December 31, 2023. 


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Hyundai Motors

The company is offering relief support amounting to Rs 3 crore for the victims and is working alongside the state government to deliver emergency relief, which includes water, food, shelter, medical assistance and other essential commodities. Customers affected by the flash floods and who have suffered significant vehicular damage, the company has deployed additional emergency road assistance teams and will also offer 50 per cent discounts on the depreciating amount on the insurance claims of these vehicles affected by the cyclone. 


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